Overturning “Don’t ask; Don’t Tell”

Why is a person’s sexual orientation so important to the military? Why does it even matter? It doesn’t. The controversy in overturning this ridiculous law/policy is absurd. It’s common sense that it’s none of the military’s business if a person is gay or lesbian. The truth is, that we are all the same and part of the human race. The time has come to STOP this idea of separation and segregation within this subject and many others. Sexual preference doesn’t matter! People matter! Being able to stand in your truth matters. Mutual respect of each others values, beliefs, and preferences matter. It is actually hypocritical that the military is meant to defend/uphold freedom and yet when it comes to sexual orientation they have taken away servicemen’s civil liberties. Just absurd!


  1. Nicole

    Very well spoken!

    • Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply- please pass along to your friends and family 🙂

  2. Site

    As a former active duty Marine and out, proud gay Marine, I thank you for your support.

    John Hulsey
    Corporal, USMC

    • Thank you for writing your comment and my family is very grateful for your service. You are the reason we are still a free country. I salute you for your dedication and service to us all.
      Namaste’ (sandskrit word meaning the God in me, see’s and honors the God in you)

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