Self-Care, Awareness and Psychiatric Illness

I just read an interesting article on Psychiatric medications causing a rise in mental illness in the US. Below is the link to it.

AlterNet/ By: Bruce E. Levine

I think it is unfortunate how American Psychiatry & the entire medical community, continue to be manipulated by Pharmaceutical Companies whose only interest is in making money. Additionally, I for one, and tired of drugs being the #1 treatment for everything!  People need a balanced approach to treatment and lifestyle changes such as meditation, yoga for stress/anxiety reduction, exercise, and counseling to address behavioral components like addiction, grief & loss, as well as self-care (boundaries/ communication/ coping skills). These in conjunction with medication are a more realistic approach to managing mental illness. There really is no cure- just like with alcoholism or addiction;  rather something people have to learn to live with one day at a time. It’s all about symptom management and self awareness. The better we care for ourselves by eating organic fruits and vegetables, drinking clean water, and eliminating soda/sugar substitutes/processed & hormone induced foods, the better off we will be. Each of us needs to determine what works best for us given that we are all unique beings with different brain chemistry.

We are who we are for a reason. We all experience things for a reason. Discovering our purpose, and taking good care of ourselves, can make all the difference to a balanced, productive, and happy life.

Infinite Blessings

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