Awaken to Your Underworld

We are all like jellyfish …  alive… graceful … & potentially dangerous!

What is your underworld ( inner-world) like? Your thoughts, inner feelings, beliefs and attitudes. Much like the jellyfish, we enjoy gracefully swimming through life yet we have the capacity to attack with lethal consequences. Our inner-world is the wellspring for such attacks because it is from here we perceive outside threats or offense.

We see it all the time in the news, on tv, with our friends or family, and in politics. How often have you taken a headline or comment from another person, personally? I know I certainly have. Those knee-jerk reactions are often what get us in trouble, alienating us from others; causing great pain and major consequences. We live in a culture where fear is in epidemic proportions. This undercurrent of fear is fueled by the media in the stories they cover as well as the headlines they use. From the oil spill in the gulf to the war within our minds; Fear lay under the surface waiting for prey to stick its tentacles into.  Stop allowing fear to control you and instead choose to act. Wherever possible don’t act at all and simply allow things to unfold as they are meant to. The planet has a way of correcting itself to obtain balance again. We can do the same when we awaken to the world beneath the surface gently and with grace.

Our Words reveal our thoughts; our Manners mirror our self-esteem; our Actions reflect our character; our Habits predict the future” ~ William Arthur Ward

Today, check in with your inner-world and discover the subconscious messages that linger. It is from here, that our reactions flow. Only by awakening to them can we act (or not act) accordingly.

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  1. Fantastic insights on all of these subjects… very true that the military should never have made orientation such an issue. It is personal, it is private, and it is a choice. And last I remember, choice is what this country is built upon; choice is what makes this country so spectacular and strong and amazing.

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