The Truth, the Lies, and the Awakening

We all have times in our lives when the truth hurts or is buried underneath a pile of lies. These lies could be from others or ourselves. Either way, they are false ideas or beliefs masquerading as truth.

Eventually, something happens to shake our world up, causing us to question these lies that are all around us. Some of us feel frustrated, asking “Is this all there is to life?” Others become afraid contemplating their impending morbidity. Life has a way of continually providing us opportunities for growth and evolution. We just have to be awake, aware, and available to these opportunities.

The truth is that we are all unique  intelligent, creative, and resourceful beings with enormous potential.  The world is waiting for our inventions, research, breakthroughs, art, writing, ideas, support, and love. We are all one; connected by the breath of life as well as our roots. Each of us has a Divine purpose that only we can manifest.

The lies say; we ” I can’t”, “I’m not …enough”, “no one cares”, “I’m not creative”, “I’m afraid”, “what if…” “it’s them, not me” “survival of the fittest” or ” it’s not my problem”. The sad reality is, if we don’t change these beliefs/ideas now, then when will our lives be any different?

The Awakening is an “ah ha” moment. When the light-bulb in our minds and hearts go off, signaling that “enough is enough and now its time to get down to business”. This can be sparked by any number of things; like a health challenge or death of a loved one, a job loss, divorce, or financial ruin. The awakening is a turning point in our lives that stops us dead in our tracks and forces us to take stock of things. This is what some call a  “mid-life crises”. But I think it is something far deeper.

The key is, what are you going to do with it? Many of us make some serious changes in our lives. Others ignore it until life provides another “moment of clarity”.  As a country and planet, we are undergoing a major “Awakening” with global warming, oil spills due to off shore drilling, wall-street crashing, housing boom and fall, record unemployment, war,  terrorism, political uprising and governmental / banking / corporate corruption.  Between earthquakes, volcano’s, oceanic destruction, strange weather, and families breaking up like never before, there is no better time to check in with ourselves about what we are doing.

What is your role in all this? Have your choices somehow contributed to the above affects? Perhaps you have lost your home, job, or a loved one due to any of the above disasters? If not, be grateful and still look for the deeper meaning these events can have on your life. The world as we know it is evolving and on the cusp of dramatic change. Whether this change is favorable or not, is up to us. It all comes down to our willingness to be aware and awaken to the part we play in life. Taking responsibility for actions and stop passing the buck. Changing our ideas of prosperity and success to include everyone on the planet and not just a select few. Sharing of our resources, talents, and gifts for the benefit of mankind.

Eliminating inequality within our families, communities, and the world will go a long way to solving the challenges we face today. By awakening, we can ensure a bright future where all living things (people, animals, plants, birds, fish, etc) will continue to exist and flourish. Greater happiness and harmony is possible and it all starts by expelling the idea that we are separate or independent. This is merely a lie that has been told to us.

The truth is, that we all share the same planet, called Earth, and that we all breathe the same air and need fresh water to drink or swim in. We all need to eat and get along or else there will be nothing left. Then where will we be? Extinct.

I trust you don’t want that either. So, lets all just get along harmoniously by befriending one another; picking up our own messes, apologizing for our part in things, accepting our differences, loving each other and by thinking of the needs of the earth. Lets stop poisoning ourselves with toxic chemicals in the water, food and air. Instead, lets work together more and end competition where there are winners and losers. The truth is, that if we don’t awaken to these opportunities we will all lose this place we call home due to ignorance, hatred, or greed.


  1. Inspiring, keep it up.

    • Thanks for reading Duke. I’ve added a rating widget. Please “like” and rate above. Check out my Facebook page for even more inspiration!

  2. Have discovered your blog post via live search the other day and absolutely like it so much. Keep up the truly great work.

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