Celebrate Your Freedom!

This is 4th of July Weekend and what a fitting time to awaken to our blessings of freedom as United States Citizens as well as be honor our responsibilities to the rest of the planet as being “the leader of the Free World”. We leave an environmental footprint on the earth for future generations to come.

Regardless of your plans for this long holiday weekend, lets recognize and remember all the men and woman who are actively serving in the military in the Middle East now, and those who have died so we may travel without fear and enjoy leading a life of choice as well as opportunity. Celebrate your independence from fear and ignorance today! Exercise your ability to be educated in thought, word, and deed by awakening to the power and choice of personal accountability.

It’s easy to become complacent about typical American Holidays thinking of them more in terms of “time off from work” rather than their true meaning. In between the Bar-B-Q pit, swimming, fireworks, parades, and family gatherings; lets embrace our freedom by sporting your Red, White, and Blue throughout the weekend as well as choose to stop and appreciate the significance of our independence.

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