Awaken to Your Senses

Have you noticed how different the world seems when you have a cold? Your nose is stuffy or blocked altogether and you can’t taste anything, your body feels achy and perhaps feverish. When we feel well, we often take our senses for granted, but when illness strikes our perspective changes. Today, lets inventory and celebrate our ability to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear; awakening our attention to the senses.

Lets experiment and take a deep breath, noticing the sights, smells, and sounds all around you. Identify all the different stimuli around you and become keenly aware of the world around you. This is simple, yet takes great attention to detail; something most of us don’t utilize to the fullest due to the sheer amount of stimuli we’re bombarded with. Describe what your eyes notice and if there are any complimentary sounds. Are you touching anything or sitting down somewhere? Perhaps you are walking…if so, take off your shoes and connect with the ground underneath. I think walking on grass feels the best. What are the flavors in the air? Breathe in the scents of your environment. Take a moment… or better yet, several, and just notice what we so often ignore. Are you aware of any particular taste? Perhaps an aftertaste from a previous drink or stale gum, or even toothpaste is present; maybe it’s a metallic tinge from tooth fillings or tap water. Whatever sense of taste you are experiencing, just notice it. This might even be a great time to eat something consciously, and really savor its flavor, juices, and textures. The point is to awaken our attention on our five senses in order to be more present in the experience of them.

When we awaken to our senses, we awaken to our Selves and thus with Mother Earth. This connection is subtle and transformative with lasting results that enrich our lives deeply. By sharpening our awareness of, and delighting in, these amazing senses we allow ourselves to receive their gifts and blessings.

To make this experience even more enticing, practice it while kissing or making love. Bring in all of your senses in each activity and notice how the excitement and eroticism rise to new heights. This is what Tantra is all about. When we consciously choose to utilize all of our wonderful senses, life becomes more interesting and passionate. Regardless of the activity, practice awakening to your senses and notice the difference. Notice how more alive you really feel. Notice the increase in creativity, energy, and enthusiasm as you practice this new way of living and let me know how your life changes for the better!

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