Free Your Mind

Have you ever have difficulty focusing or lose your concentration at the slightest distraction? If so, you’re not alone. Some of us identify with a well known condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s not just for kids anymore and adults are now being diagnosed in record numbers. Feeling trapped by your mind feels terrible and can be quite depressing and discouraging as it sabotages productivity and snuffs out one’s ability to organize and meet deadlines. These symptoms can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life, causing great shame, guilt, and frustration.

ADD’s second cousin, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is also a challenging illness that affects one’s relationships, ability to manage emotions, drive safely, listen intently, focus, concentrate, prioritize tasks, restlessness, procrastination, organization, and time management.

The key to freeing your mind is two-fold; treatment and awareness. Treatment can involve medications, therapy, coaching or any combination therein. Awareness involves learning to identify individual symptoms and apply the appropriate coping skills to alleviate or minimize negative outcomes. Knowledge really is power and without proper diagnosis of what is going on in your life, freedom is impossible. Behavioral modification is key to freeing your mind from the destructive symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but don’t forget to get professional help too. Having a well-balanced treatment team for support that includes your family and friends, is essential for regaining and maintaining your best life.

For me, a diagnosis of Bipolar masks my ADHD although I feel as though the later is really the more harmful condition. The medical community is still sketchy on differentiating between the two diagnoses, and depending on your doctor’s viewpoint of your symptoms, the two may overlap greatly. Medication helps me think clearly, focus, and maintain proper energy levels as well as utilize healthy coping skills and behavior modification techniques that aid in freeing my mind for optimal brain functioning. Without medication, the days seem to slip away and roll into one another with hap-hazard productivity, increased irritability, poor energy, and what seems like a constant state of dense fog. During these challenging times, I know better than to drive my car since accidents are greatly increased and shopping is extremely dangerous for the checkbook. To not be able to make the simplest decisions when I am having one of these days, is beyond frustrating and depressing to the psyche. Being aware of when I am too impaired to run errands or interact with others, helps limit resulting negative consequences.  Summertime heat exacerbates my symptoms and is my most challenging time of year, so I’ve learned to be extra gentle with myself.

Awareness is empowering, regardless of what emotional state you’re in and learning to love thyself by practicing acceptance can free your mind from any unrest. This too shall pass and it always does. Thankfully, we don’t have to allow our symptoms to rule our lives and instead learn to work around them.

For more information on adult ADHD check out:

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