Welcome to Faith’s Place

Have you ever wished there was a place in nature to go on a retreat that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, that had    modern conveniences, great food, lots of activities and plenty of room to just re-group or reflect? How about a place where you could stay as long  as you wanted or needed without worrying about time or  money and where pets are welcome! Learn new skills while experiencing a different kind of life that is more peaceful and creative than you ever thought possible. Help support others on their path or enjoy restorative solitude while detoxing from the hustle and bustle of traditional life.

My answer is a co-operative retreat orchard /farm that allows guests to trade part-time service in their skilled trade (medical, cook, salon, yoga instructor, hospitality, maintenance,  gardening, etc) for room, board, and access to all other amenities. A place with organically grown fruits and vegetables, fresh spring water, arts & crafts, yoga, Tai Chi, Chapel, state of the art exercise facilities, Spa, meditation garden, world class restaurant and over 10 miles of hiking/walking trails that double for cross country skiing in the winter as well as romantic sleigh rides. A bed and breakfast where everything is all- inclusive; activities, life coaching, spiritual counseling, accommodations, spa services, etc. Guests can stay in a deluxe room in the main Inn, or in private cabins that can accommodate an entire family scattered around the property. The entire community would be “off the grid” with solar/wind power, well water, satellite TV/ internet/ phone service, and free- range chicken’s, & turkey as well as organic vegetable/herb gardens, berry patches, and grape vines in addition to organic apple, peace and pear orchards.

Imagine apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, labyrinth corn mazes, beautiful grounds that are perfect for weddings and private retreats, memorial gardens, Koi ponds, a live stream that runs through the property, wild flower and rose gardens, a retractable roof swimming pool, and bike paths. Every kind of activity a person would want for families, couples, singles, and pets who want to get away for a day, weekend, week, month, or longer.

Faith’s Place is a place you can visit or decide to live forever. It’s more than a retreat, but a holistic way of life with modern conveniences devoid of toxic chemicals, noise, crime, or fear. Whether you’ve suffered a loss and need time and space to grieve,  re-group from a divorce, or find your true Self, Faith’s Place will be there to comfort, support, uphold, and rebuild your Faith/belief in Self, love, life, and God. This special place will help re-align body, mind, and Spirit through the power of nature. As we connect with the Earth by drinking clean/pure water, breathe fresh air, eat organically, and become more active, we learn to re-connect with ourselves more deeply as well as improve our health and longevity.

Named after my baby girl Faith Anne who left this earth too soon, I vowed to make helping others her legacy… to provide a safe place for anyone grieving, lost, stuck, or unhappy as well as those seeking for a better, more fulfilling life and a deeper connection with Spirit. I also see Faith’s Place as a wonderful place for people with physical and mental disabilities to find meaningful employment, joyful living (housing), and a safe, loving, stress-free, environment to heal and thrive.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to visit, then e-mail me and lets make Faith’s Place a reality. We’re in need of property donations, financial donations, building supplies, architects, engineers, contractors, designers, artists, visionaries, and investors.


Rev Lisa


  1. Where do I sign up? It sounds so lovely, beautiful, inspiring, and a great getaway for all! 🙂

    • Greetings Stacy,

      Thanks for the positive feedback about Faith’s Place. We welcome all levels of support in manifesting this highly anticipated retreat center. Currently we are in the planning phase, however we hope to be operational within 3 years! We are still looking for just the right property within the United States, and then plan to semi sub-divide parts of the land for people of like minds to buy into and build their own houses on, but they will be part of the Retreat Village and work on site using their unique gifts/talents/ skills. So for those who want to live there and be apart of things from the ground up, they will not only be building a home, but a business as well.

      If you know of any property that fits the general descriptions listed in the post, materials that you’d like to donate, or ideas on the project, please let me know as
      they would be greatly appreciated.

      Infinite Blessings,
      Rev Lisa Marie

  2. catherine333

    Sounds really neat!

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