What’s Your Sign?

Did you know that your Astrological Sign can tell you a wealth of information about yourself and others? Researching our birth sign and that of your friends and family can influence your relationships, helping you to understand unique personality characteristics, tendencies, compatibility, and aptitudes. 

According to Lola James article in eHow.com,  http://www.ehow.com/about_4761284_zodiac-signs.html , “the zodiac is a cycle of twelve points along the path of the sun that is believed to travel through the constellations and is divided into twelve zones. Babylonian astronomers then created twelve signs, zodiac signs, each one representing the twelve zones.”

Up until today, I didn’t even know that my husband of three years was a Cancer. Upon further research, I found lots of information that helped explain why he is the way he is and helped me to understand him better. While I have known him for over six years, there are still patterns in our communication styles  and personality differences that can be quite challenging. Thankfully, our love is much deeper than our conflicts. Either way, it helps to get some background Intel because as they say, “knowledge is power” and every little bit helps!

In addition to learning more about my husband, I researched my own sign in greater detail than I ever have before as well as that of my mother. The results were remarkable and spot-on! I couldn’t believe the accuracy in describing personality traits as well as aptitudes. It really blew me away and I left with a new awakening of myself and those I love.

Below are some links that I went to. These are by no means all there is on the web, but just a taste of what I saw. I strongly encourage everybody to do some research on yourself and your friends/family/co-workers/boss and even neighbors to get a clearer picture of the people in your life as well as increased personal awareness. I think that once we understand each other more deeply, conflict will diminish, frustrations will ease, and satisfaction increase as we become more accepting our innate natural tendencies and stop taking all our behaviors personally.
Read more:

http://www.paranormality.com/birth_sign.shtml (great for finding your Sun and Chinese sign)

About Zodiac Signs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_4761284_zodiac-signs.html#ixzz0v3Tjd4jz

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