Your Body Knows

Have you ever started crying and not known why? The body knows all of our pain; past and present. It knows the sum total of our scars and wounds regardless of time. Often we cry to release pent up emotions within our bodies. This physical release is a natural occurrence having a cleansing affect. Perhaps you are grieving a loved one who has passed, or a lost relationship. Maybe you are morning the loss of a job or lifestyle that you’ve grown accustomed to and now feel like you’ve lost your security. There are a myriad of reasons we humans grieve and all of them are valid as well as felt at the cellular level.

Your body is wise in managing its emotions. Listen to it. I have spent over a decade learning this very lesson and can attest to the fact that when I get irritable, depressed, angry, or unmotivated, there is pain underneath it all and crying helps to release it. When we give ourselves permission to feel and grieve our losses, we become free to move on. The alternative, is to repress our feelings and become sick with illness or disease. This can take the form of physical and mental disorders that can leave some people almost incapacitated. Your body will get your attention; one way or the other. Isn’t it better to just heed its message?

Forgive. Heal. Accept. Love. This is really what life is all about. Heal your grief by allowing your feelings a chance to move through you unencumbered. Forgive those who have harmed you in disappointment or violation as this act sets you free from the rage of resentment that festers within. Accept that we are all doing the best we can, with the information (tools) we have at any given moment. Be gentle in accepting yourself and allow your body to tell you what it needs. This could be rest, water, movement, nourishment, silence, or tears. Let love in. Love your body and your self and notice the response. Love the people around you; even if they have hurt you as graceful forgiveness is such a powerful healing force for the body. Allow love of self and others to lift you up in support and encouragement. Connect with your heartspace; that wise self within that knows all is not lost and sunny days will be here again. Hang onto your Faith, whatever that may be. Trust that these feelings and emotions will pass and try not to fear them as they are what make us human beings.

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  1. Definitely good advice for anyone who tries to fight their emotions, i.e. Yours Truly. “Awaken to Yourself!” That’s lovely!

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