Play Dress-Up!

Did you know that dressing up dramatically impacts your mood? Research shows strong correlation between fashion and having a positive attitude as well as success and productivity. The business world has known this for decades, proving that what you wear really does make a difference!

I put this to the test when getting all dolled up for a conference I was attending this past weekend. I styled my hair meticulously, applied make-up, wore a chic pin-stripped suit with matching accessories and sported the cutest open-toed, gold, sandals to show off my new polish. I looked fantastic and felt even better.  The whole day I felt more confident and when others complimented me, I was actually able to take it in, without immediately reflecting one back. Science was right, playing dress-up really works!

So, however you normally dress, mix it up and add something different. Experiment with alternative hairstyles and clothing trends noticing how you feel with each new change. Perhaps a little sexy? Or a tad flirty? Encompass all the senses utilizing perfume, and tasty lip gloss. And don’t forget what’s underneath is just as important (if not more) than what the world can see. Try something silky with lace or satin and fishnets. Choose matching bra and panties keeping in mind Victoria Secret’s runway frocks.

Bottom line, play dress up for yourself and no one else. Increase your appetite for life and re-awaken to your amazing beauty. Invite your sensual side to come out and go play!

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