Exercise Your Right 2 Vote!

Today is Election Day in Arizona, Florida, Vermont, Oklahoma, and Alaska. Although today is just the Primaries; voting is still important and we all need to exercise this fundamental, Constitutional, right to make our voices heard!

Regardless of your political views, voting is as important as breathing. Many people have died and marched to allow this day to occur. Woman and African American’s around the country have had to work especially hard to make our voices known; so get out there and use them by voting today!

Top 10 reasons to Vote:

1)  It’s the only way to give credibility to your point of view.

2)  If you don’t vote for your candidate, they may not get on the ballot for the general election! Candidates need your VOTE!

3) It honors all American Patriots who serve or have served in the military so that we could have freedom of speech!

4) Without action (voting), complaining is pointless.

5) Voting is a privilege & right that honors civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, who marched on Washington in order to achieve equality for African Americans and other minorities in the United States!

6) Voting is your duty as an American citizen. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the American thing to do!

7) Makes you part of the political process!

8) Allows you to be part of the solution.

9) Supports candidates who feel called to represent the average American and facilitates CHANGE!

10) Your opinion Matters and needs to be heard!

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