Remember Hurricane Katrina

Five years ago today marks the Anniversary of  a great American tragedy; Hurricane  Katrina. Hundreds of people died and thousands  suffered needlessly. A natural disaster turned into a national atrocity. Where was the government; where was the national guard with much needed supplies? The lessons were great and beneath it all, lay empty apologies, finger pointing, and excuses.

Five years later and not much has changed for the people of Louisiana. Sure the water has receded and order has been restored, but many entire neighborhoods are still uninhabited, standing as physical reminders of the destruction that occurred. Key government officials have resigned and more comprehensive evacuation plans were created, while partial restitution was made to the citizens but can be no price tag high enough for the indignity and injustice that incurred. Parts of New Orleans have bounced back, while others are like ghost towns. The landscape of the human spirit will remain forever changed.

So what can we do today to ensure another Katrina never happens again? First, we can be awake by being prepared while being aware and prepared for mother nature’s making sure our leaders never forget their responsibility to act on behalf of the public.

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