Serve with Enthusiasm!

Have you ever wrestled with what to do when  faced with a service opportunity? Perhaps it was a request for your time, talents, or finances?  Whatever the request, we are faced with the choice to commit or not to commit. Often, saying yes requires Faith that we have more than enough to spend, spare, or share.

What would you say the next time you were asked to serve humanity in some way if you believed in the idea of plenty. Serving with enthusiasm means saying “Yes” to life and yes to God. This act of love not only serves the one who asks but the one who answers because there are gifts at both ends.

Now, saying yes when we really mean no, doesn’t serve your or anyone else. Nor is saying yes out of “duty” or “guilt” because obligatory yes’s are resentments in disguise. While it is important to balance our commitments with self-care, saying yes to life is essential for our health and well being. This life-affirming action can make all the difference in whether we exercise or not, experience joy, feel good about ourselves, take healthy risks, and adventurously take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities to connect, be needed, make a difference, learn, and grow.

Next time someone asks you to serve in any capacity, let the answer come from Spirit and not your head. Be mindful of the ways you are being called to serve your fellow human beings as well as yourself and commit with enthusiasm!

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