Living in Outrageous Joy!

     Are you living from a state of overflowing  delight? If not, why? What is holding you back  from a life filled with outrageous joy?

For many, it’s a matter of believing  the barrage of negative messages that surround us on a daily basis. The News propagates fear of an unsteady economy as well as divided political system that rob our ability to think positively. Without a strong personal constitution, it’s easy to succumb to these messages as “real” when really they in fact, are a mirage.

Joy is the highest vibrational energy we can live from as it supersedes moments of happiness that are temporary. Outrageous joy comes from deep within each of us; from a place of “inner knowing”, Truth, and Faith. Regardless of your Spiritual beliefs, living a joyful life is possible when we tune into what works. Every human being on this planet has an internal guidance system that knows this and we are all given a wise and intelligent body to help us in the process. The unfortunate part is, many people have stopped trusting themselves and each other. As a result, we have grown disconnected from the God of our Being and thus the Truth of our existence. The Truth is, we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Joy is the energy of our Soul that beats our heart, digests our food, gives us strength to withstand life’s challenges, and is the power behind all of creation. Like the sun, joy’s radiating power emanates from within and flows out into the world. When you sing a song, dance, smile, sniff a rose, or embrace gratitude, you are expressing joy! In utilizing this 6th sense of Joy, we each can live a life in outrageous joy that supersede the worst headlines or negative messages.

    Today allow your heart to naturally flow with   the joy that already exists. The world needs to   be reminded of all the goodness life has to      offer and only we can show this goodness to    each other through patience, kindness,  acceptance, and love. Offer a kind word, a  forgiving attitude, as well as a helpful hand to  the people in your world and help spread joy in very tangible ways. This will not only benefit your family and friends, but you as well, providing an opportunity for a life of outrageous joy!


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