Success Patterns

         Dr Frederick Bailes in the book, Basic Princples of Science of Mind says “as we change our inward patterns of thought completely, our health and affairs  change” in direct proportion. What are your thought patterns of health and success? Do you pay extra attention to your mind’s chatter, your health or your habits within the course of a day? Today, I urge you to take stock and simply notice the thoughts and attitudes behind your behavior, actions, and habits.

We often become lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life without stopping to really think about what we’re doing or how we’re presenting ourselves to others and the world. Are you experiencing joyous relationships with yourself and others or are you continually struggling to be heard in order to feel loved? When we operate from a place of confusion, our lives reflect chaos and termoil. Of course this is not what we want, however, but without an honest examination our individual patterns, that is the result. People who believe in something greater than themselves (God, Spirit, Allah, Christ, Jesus, Buddah, etc) and practice getting in touch with that power daily, have a better success rate than those who start their day with frenzied activity. Utilizing daily Spiritual Practices such as prayer, meditation, affirmations, and reading Spiritual or uplifting literature can really help in creating successful patterns that fuel you living a joyous and satisfied life. Regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs, creating and practicing these “healthy habits” will manifest into desired results by aligning you with forces that are far more intelligent and pervasive than you are humanly capable of. There is no “wrong” way to do this and it will look differently for everyone because we are each individual expressions of the Divine. The point is to start today with one new activity and build upon it, gradually adding new dimensions of study and practice to develop a more enlightened consciousness.  Perfection is not the goal; getting back into alignment mentally, spiritually, and physically is.

For me, I like to start the day with a simple yoga routine from a cute little book called A Morning Cup of Yoga by Jane Goad Trechsel. It is a 15 minute, very basic routine of gentle stretches and yoga poses to gently wake you up from a good night’s slumber. They can even be done in your pajamas as cleverly shown on the cover. At the end, she offers a beautiful standing meditation designed to create powerful intentions for the day. While I have tweeked it a bit using parentheses where I added something, here is her meditation. For me, this a beautiful example of prayer and meditation beautifully woken together.

                    Today I will practice generosity (love and acceptance). 

I will be more patient with (myself and others).

I will notice my feelings and feel them instead of shoving them under.

I will listen to other points of view, without trying to push my own agenda.

I will respond lovingly when others are upset.

I will remember to stop at moments throughout the day, breathe deeply,

and relax every part of my body. 

Today I will focus on (all) the blessings in my life. 

     What will your practice look like? These practices shape our success patterns and change/evolve as we grow and mature. While this by far isn’t the only practice I utilize, it is one that helps me to incorporate my body in order to quiet the mind so that I can spend time in quiet reflection. Sometimes it’s hard to sit still and go from one still position to the next as the case is when we first wake up. I have found that movement fulfills the needs of my body in conjunction with focused breathing and saying intentions or affirmations focuses my mind for prayer and deeper reading. Find what works for you and start practicing these success patterns today!

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