It’s Harvest Time!

This month, we’re examining the season of harvest as a metaphor for recognizing all the abundance that surrounds us on a daily basis. Fall is the season of harvesting the last of summer’s crops as well as transitioning of activities, temperatures, and traditions. What does this time of year mean to you? During the month of October, we will explore the many different ways to harvest all the goodness that abounds while uncovering this season’s deeper messages of hope and meaning. I look forward to the taking this journey of self-discovery with you.

To start, we’ll explore harvesting brilliant ideas.
Just like the picture shows, each idea is a seed and when we plant it in the fertile soil of our mind, it has the capacity to bloom into form like this plant. What seeds have you planted and are now harvesting? What we think about yesterday, we reap today. This is called the law of cause and effect. It’s impersonal and always operating based upon our thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes and behavior; otherwise known as our consciousness. Since we are in the season of harvest, we’re taking a closer look at what creative ideas are helping or hurting us in our lives. What kind of results are your yielding? Are they positive and successful or less than stellar. Don’t panic if you’re unhappy with this current harvest because it’s never too late to catch another brilliant idea and ride the wave to greater possibilities. Thankfully, we are capable of having limitless ideas and each one is more brilliant than the next because we are each Divine expressions of the one Universal Mind. Call it what you want, but Source operates in, as, and through each of us, just the same. This is great news because now we can now harvest brilliant ideas to help us solve all of our life challenges for the better. Through affirmative thoughts and directed actions, you can really harvest brilliant ideas all of the time. This ability is your birthright and available to every man, woman and child in this Universe. Now is the time to awaken to this great Spiritual Truth and thus awaken to the harvest of our Soul.

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