Awaken to the joy of Halloween!

Ah, it’s Halloween today. A time for costumes and taking the little one’s trick or treating. A time to embrace Fall and connect with each other as the start of the holiday season. Festivities have been well underway throughout the weekend and tonight there is even more fun ahead. Whether your home opening the door for trick or treaters or actually walking around doing the treating, we can all participate in this fun-filled day of merriment and joy. Today, we can be whomever we want and try on new and different personalities in the form of costumes. Today, we can trust our neighbors as our brothers and sisters of humanity without fear or prejudice. Today, we can embrace all Hallow’s Eve without the dark stories or legends of evil that many still believe. Instead, we can celebrate the joy of Halloween with natural and cute costumes, yummy treats, and friendly smiles. Today, we can choose to enjoy the goodness that is Halloween and release all the negative connotations. By embracing the fun of Halloween we can get in touch with our inner child and play with fun costumes, unusual make-up or hair and by meeting new neighbors and making new friends. Give it a try and awaken to the joy of Halloween today!

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