A day of Peace, Prayer and Remembrance 11-11-11

Today is a special day that only occurs every 100 years. It is a Holy day of prayer for peace, Unity and remembrance of all Veterans everywhere. Wherever you are, whatever your beliefs, take a few moments to be still and connect with Life’s Universal Energy on this unique day. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Meditate in the silence; reciting words of blessing and thanksgiving. All around the world, people have been holding prayer vigils for peace and unity. Join us. Our leaders need your positive energy. Many countries and people need your light and love now. We are all in this together. Now is your chance to make a profound difference. Awaken to your Soul’s cry for peace and harmony by joining in this stillness today. It’s not too late. Just do it and notice the shift in your energy. I certainly have.

My ceremony began at 11am with deep prayer and meditation for world peace and harmony. I sent blessings to all the countries and leaders around the planet uplifting them to higher states of consciousness than ever before; infusing them with Love, Unity, Peace, and Forgiveness. I sent prayers of thanksgiving to mother earth for her abundance in the trees, animals, insects, plants, birds, waterways, earth, and sun with candles in a Tree of Life bowl signifying the bounty that is Life all around us. I honored my grandfather and my husband’s father who served in the military as Veterans and light candles beneath the American Flag in remembrance of their bravery and service to humanity in the name of freedom and justice for all. I created an alter of candles for all the children, in-firmed, elderly, and those who have made their transition to honor their significant contributions as well as love in the cycle of Life. You can do something similar. We all can.

There is no right or wrong way to pay tribute today and blanket the world in peace. Create your own ceremony or participate on one already planned. Whatever you choose, be still and feel the peace and hope that is today. Allow yourself the gift of sacred space in silence today. The peace you will feel as a result of connecting with the world in this way will surpass all understanding. It must be experienced individually to really get what I’m writing about. The shifts we collectively make today will last another hundred years. Enjoy the magic. Participate and Remember.

Reverend Lisa

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