Awaken to Abundance

Who says money can’t grow on trees or fall from the sky? The truth is, we are surrounded my infinite abundance; it’s all around us each and every day. The trees with their infinite number of leaves, the grass, the molecules of air we breathe, and so much more. Most of us just don’t stop to notice. We get so caught up in the day-to-day routines and drama of our lives, that we forget to appreciate all the wonderful gifts we have been given. It’s easy to take the air we breathe for granted as well as the paved streets and cars we enjoy or the landscapes we drive by on our way to work and school. But what if we stopped to look with fresh eyes of appreciation and gratitude for all the abundance that exists all around us? What if we did this instead of complaining about what we don’t have in our lives? Imagine how your world would change? When we awaken to the abundance that is every present, we step into the infinite flow of life and greater prosperity. Just simply taking a few moments to recognize and honor all the blessings in our lives can make a tremendous difference in the way we show up everyday. Imagine how your relationships might change as you awaken to this new awareness. Wouldn’t like be sweeter? More peaceful?
This is part of awakening to the abundance, but wait there’s more.

Now, let’s awaken to the abundance within our very Soul; the essence of who we are. When we practice stillness and go within, it elevates our consciousness to help us recognize the abundance that IS us. Yep, that’s right; WE are abundance too! We have the power to create anything we desire in our lives. We are the center of Divine Creation says Minister and author David Altman. Now, its up to us to believe it!

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