Review, Renew & Redo Your Intentions 4 the New Year!

           Well 2011 is almost over and a brand new year awaits. So now what? For many, it’s a time for making resolutions or changes we’d like to make in our lives, relationships or to our bodies. Yet most people never think about reviewing the year before in order to gain useful insights about themselves. What if moving forward means being aware of past mistakes in order to not repeat them. Hmmm…

Perhaps 2012, can be your best year to review, renew and redo the old in order to make room for the new. We’ve all heard of reinventing ourselves, but think it’s something only celebrities do. Wrong! We can all do it and a new year gives everyone equal ground to a clean slate. In order for 2012 to be different than 2011 however, we need to review our insights, lessons, and pitfalls in order to redo them successfully. To be truly out with the old, requires an honest appraisal of any lingering resentments, unfulfilled promises, lost dreams, major health challenges, broken relationships, loss or pain. Don’t forget to include all the triumphs too; including risks taken, celebrations, new additions, promotions and other positive life changes. Nothing is too small or too outrageous to list. Remember this is for Your Eyes Only and essentially a self-esteem booster because it forces you to recognize all the magnificent blessings that have occurred all year long. I’ve never had a list that wasn’t more than double on positive changes than negative ones. This proves to me repeatedly the saying “when one door closes, another opens” is true and that “everything really does happen for a reason” (regardless if I like it or not).  I’m sure this will be true for you too; so don’t be afraid to look.

I believe that the reason most people’s new year’s resolutions fail is that they automatically think that because the date changes, they can do a 180 degree shift in their habits, thoughts and life patterns. This of course, is impossible and the reason why 95% of people’s good intentions fail by the end of January. It takes a plan to reinvent yourself and make the necessary shifts for success in any area of your choice. It takes commitment, perseverance and self-discipline. Most of all it takes personal awareness and acceptance of the fact that you won’t do it perfectly and to get back on the horse (so to speak) when you eventually fall off or meander off course. It happens; we’re human, be ready for it. This is where having your list of successes & challenges in the previous year can really propel you forward by keeping you motivated and on track!

Of course, we may also need to forgive and release people, places or habits that no longer serve us. This can be challenging but cleansing too. Get plenty of healthy support to make this transition simpler and more productful. Perhaps hire a life coach or therapist in order to facilitate the process and ensure positive movement. We all need to grieve what was or wasn’t in order to pave way for our good that is yet to come. If not, then we actually block that goodness with negativity, fear, and self-destructive habits by repeating more of the same patterns. This can come in a myriad of forms including feeling stuck, apathetic, or depressed. All in all, these halt forward movement and ultimately success.

So this new year, gently and realistically, set your intentions (goals) with ease and confidence by reviewing the past (2011) and renewing your dreams for a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling 2012. Only you can do it; so this year decide to embrace change and challenge yourself to greater heights. Reinvent yourself with a life makeover; starting with your attitude, radiating out to daily actions and behaviors that align with your goals and dreams. 2012 is YOUR Year to shine brightly allowing your true self to emerge with grace, ease and abundance! Joy and Freedom awaits~



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  1. Rose

    Lisa, I am really enjoying your blog! Your insights are so fresh and we share a lot of the same ideas. I have really been working on forgiving, letting go, and removing toxicity from my life. It’s not always easy but it is SO worth it.


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