Standing on Your 2 Big Spiritual Feet!

I love the saying my minister uses in regards to facing challenging situations; “stand on your own, 2 big Spiritual feet”. The deeper meaning being that many times, we need to have difficult conversations with people in our lives and walk through challenging situations that require us to move out of our comfort zone and take a leap of faith. What do you do when these times arise? If you’re like me, you tend to run in the opposite direction in hopes of avoiding confrontation. However this isn’t always possible like in the case with employers, employees, co-workers, significant relationships, business partners, clients, or with children. For years, I walked a fine line between passive/aggressive and assertive usually unsure when to use what approach. This resulted in lots of miss-communication, hurt feelings and undesirable results. Perhaps you can relate? Needless to say, this pattern doesn’t serve anyone.

“Standing on your two big Spiritual feet” means taking the direct approach with people and situations instead of sticking your head in the sand in fear or denial. It means having the courage to tell-it-like-it-is with authenticity, grace, and most of all in love. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place to live in if we all did this? If we actually held ourselves accountable for our actions and set as well as maintained clear boundaries, imagine what a difference this would make in our personal and professional lives. It is possible when we stand on our two big spiritual feet. We are connected with all the power in the Universe because we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We can use this power to give us the strength to have those difficult conversations and live with integrity. In doing so, we will also have the strength to hear constructive criticism or negative feedback with ease and grace; not letting it destroy our psyche or self confidence/self-esteem.

So practice standing on your two big spiritual feet today and notice how simply Divine the world can really be when we stand up with God.

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