Honoring Your Loved Ones

This is my Uncle; Tomas J. O’Neill Jr. He recently passed away on January 12, 2012. I still can’t believe he’s gone since his death was so sudden and unexpected. I hadn’t seen him in a year since we buried my Grandmother 2011. Events like these make you realize how short life really is. My Uncle Tom was only 59 years old and left behind two sons, his only sister, me, 6 grandchildren, and several ex-wives as well as a current significant other. He was a father figure to many and a great family man.

His passing was a reminder to me and our entire family just how important it is to honor loved ones with frequent communication, visitations, and support. Life is a precious gift and when we honor its meaning in the lives of our loved ones, we become living angels. There are a million ways to do this and now is the time. Forgive old resentments, heal open wounds, and move on with loving each other.

Celebrate milestones and holidays together, because you never know when it will be your last opportunity to do so. Don’t take for granted the moments shared between your loved ones. Cherish them and make your feelings known now. Write a letter if it’s difficult to tell them in person. Make the first move to deepen your relationships. Do whatever is necessary in order to ensure there are no regrets, because all we have is the power of now… in this moment to be a guiding light in each other’s lives. Allow yourself to be available to those you love and in turn be available to them.

Awaken yourself to the possibility of transformation with all your relationships. There is always room for deeper levels of intimacy, authenticity and love. Make today count and tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Bless them and yourself; I promise, you will be glad you did.

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  1. azroadie622

    Of course, this has touched the hearts and souls of everyone affected, to a very deep degree. It was very sudden and jarring to hear of the news, but was every bit as difficult to move through. And that movement has not yet finished, of course. We will all miss Uncle Tom, and remember him fondly. And it is very true, we need to mindfully make the most of each moment, because that is what we’re given.

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