Keep It Simple!

Simplicity. So much has been written about it, yet few of us take a moment to contemplate its true meaning. What is simple for you, may not be for me. We all have tasks we view as simple. Yet this is not what I’m talking about. Really, simplicity is a matter of subjective perspective. For this post, keeping it simple means awakening to the idea of allowing life to unfold naturally. Put another way, releasing control of the outcome.

For many of us, this is no easy task; but one that is essential to living a life of freedom, peace, and joy. Keeping it simple in relationships means being honest and authentic or real without personal agenda’s. It means being humble, kind, and compassionate to eliminate power struggles or miss-communication.

Keeping it simple in the workplace, means staying out of office politics and avoiding gossip around the water cooler. When we focus more on the jobs we are being paid to do and less on personality differences, it’s amazing how simpler life at the office becomes and how productivity sores. This practice reduces conflict, hurt feelings, undue stress, lost clients and even financial ruin while improving one’s reputation or at least keeping it spotless!

Keeping it simple with the family means not taking sides, refusing to triangulate, keeping your word, and being willing to admit mistakes. Families by nature are complex and carry deep history that may not be all that positive. In order to live harmoniously and happily, forgive the little things, bury the hatchet; honor each other’s personal space, and be aware of your own feelings in order to avoid projecting them onto others. Love and mutual respect goes a long way within a family towards a life of simple pleasures. Enjoying the outdoors together or sitting around the table for a meal is a great way to spend simple quality time together while creating positive memories that last a lifetime.

Keeping it simple in your personal life means, practicing the utmost of self-care in three major areas; physical, emotional, and Spiritual health. It doesn’t mean worrying over every medical ailment or recommendation, but rather maintaining balance in each area of one’s individual life. Perhaps doing 3 things in each area per day simplifies life for you. Perhaps one. This is a personal choice, but one worth making. Sometimes we can become obsessed with outside opinions from “expert” sources that supposedly have our best interests at heart and yet make us feel frenzied or overwhelmed because there aren’t enough hours in the day. Simply journal what your regular personal routine looks like and identify what activities don’t fill you with joy or well-being. Reducing arbitrary time schedules in lieu of more free time, might simplify your entire life and actually allow you to breathe so that you can fulfill those deeper longings.
Lets face it, being in good health is simpler than constantly being sick, in pain, or on medication so why not make self-care a priority. In the end, we don’t have anything if we don’t have our health!

Today, make simplicity your goal and start to notice every area of your life that could use improvement. Clear out all clutter your home and office. Release and let go of old ways of being that don’t bring peace or joy. Make one change every day towards a simpler and more enjoyable life.


  1. Ann

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    I’m learning to simplify and de-clutter. It makes life so much easier … can’t figure out why it took me so long to get there!

    God bless you as you keep it simple to the glory of His name.


  2. Thanks Ann,

    I appreciate your support and feedback. De-clutter for me, is an ongoing process that I work on continuously. It helps taking baby steps and writing about it.

    God bless you too!

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