Have Faith

           How has your 2012 been going thus far? If you are like me, perhaps it’s tapered off. My year, certainly started unexpectedly with tragedy and one challenges after another. I fell at my church twisting my ankle,my Uncle suddenly died in early January, I caught a nasty cold right after the funeral and then had the worst Eczema outbreak I’ve had in years. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the disk in my lower back slipped out and pinched my sciatic nerve causing me excruciating pain and drastically limited mobility. Thankfully, with the help of a wonderful chiropractor, my disk went back into place and the pain subsided. It’s still sore, but feels much better than before. So what’s the point of my tale of woe you might ask? To show that through it all, I still had faith that things would somehow get better.

We all have challenges that occur when least expected. Yet, when the chips are down, having faith in something greater than yourself can give comfort and offer hope to get you onto the other side. The faith I am talking about is Spiritual, not necessarily religious. The difference being, that you don’t have to be affiliated with a church or organized religion in order to experience/utilize faith.

Real faith comes from deep within our Soul. It’s that inner knowing from the Divine that we will be okay, despite appearances to the contrary. This type of faith has helped billions of people survive the most horrific experiences. We’ve all heard these type of stories that inspire and uplift us while putting our own issues in perspective. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, chance are someone else on this planet is going through worse. Instead of allowing yourself to be swallowed up by self pity, focus your attention on having Faith and allow its energy to lift you out of despair and into hope as well as gratitude.

Today, allow the healing power of faith to transform your current challenge into something beautiful. Learn from it. Be grateful that things aren’t any worse. (because they could be) Count your blessings and have faith that it will pass. I’ve learned from personal experience that everything happens for a reason. While this is sometimes difficult to accept, it’s one of those Universal Truths. Challenges force us to evolve and grow. They make us move past fear and rise above where we thought we could go. They always teach us something. Find out what your personal message is and make use of it. Don’t waste this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade and always have faith!



  1. Brilliant! I love it! Faith is what makes are stronger in times when we think we’re weak…

    • I agree Shilpa. Thanks for commenting!

    • I agree. Thanks for reading and following my blog. Help me spread the word; the world could use more Faith during these challenging times.

      Rev. Lisa

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