Being Open to Life!

Image  Just like this picture depicts, there is freedom from stretching our wings and allowing ourselves to fly. While humans don’t necessarily have “wings” we can still “fly”. Take flying in an airplane for example, we board metal tubes that miraculously take flight into the sky and transport us all over the world. We can also strap on a parachute and actually experience the thrill of flying for several minutes! Of course there are also times we can “fly off the handle” when upset/angry. While this experience usually means some sort of emotional outburst, we’re still giving ourselves permission to fly; to release limiting ideas that may be holding us back. 

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Where do you feel stuck or trapped?

At work?…

In your career?…

In a relationship?…

With other people?…

In your life?…

Regardless of outer circumstances or conditions, we are all able to “fly” and experience freedom that comes from soaring over perceived problems. We can all shift our perspective which will ultimately shift our entire outlook on everything. It is possible. I am doing it now! Here is the technique I used. 

First, takes a deep breath and close your eyes. Review all the things you are grateful for. Cultivate a space of gratitude. This will set the stage for important work that is about to come. Think of as many areas and people as you can. Don’t forget to include your own body and life. Look for what’s working! We, as humans, often forget all the little things that are positive and only focus our attention on the negative… things we don’t like. Allow gratitude to fill every part of your being… this will feel really good.

Next, consciously release and let go of anything that is bothering you or holding you back. Release any grudges, ill feelings, all negativity, injustices, self-righteousness, control, fear, doubt, pain, or anything else that no longer serves you. Imagine a broom sweeping them away from your mind and heart… dissolving them into tiny particles. Simply choosing to release and let go is all it takes to shift our mindset of almost anything. If there are some things that are just too painful to release, be open to healing them. Say to yourself, “I am open to releasing ….”. Then state whatever comes to mind that you are holding onto. Say it several times and allow it to happen. Give yourself plenty of time to do this without interruption or distractions. Stay with it for as long as it takes. 

Now, turn your attention to breathing in love, joy, peace, clarity, and imagine yourself being cradled by the arms of Spirit (whoever/whatever you choose to call God). This could even be the Universe if God seems uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what term you use. Breathe in these positive energy and exhale all the particles you swept away earlier. Imagine sucking all traces of negativity, resentment, fear, doubt and pain of your thoughts and feelings into a vacuum and then dumping the contents outside of yourself. This is a mental way to “let go”. Continue to breathe in God’s love and light… peace and clarity. Exhale anything unlike these truths. Do this process for as long as it takes to release all those negative particles from your consciousness as well as physical body. 

Once you feel completely clean and filled with all the love, freedom, and peace of God, gentle wiggle your toes and begin to stretch yourself awake… to the room and environment you’re in. Notice how you feel. Journal your experience and jot down any insights you may have gleamed from this process. Then, add your comments below. 

I invite you all to share your experiences with me and each other so that we may learn from one another and inspire more people to “fly” towards freedom. 

Namaste’, (a sandskrit word that means the God in me, sees/greets & honors, the God in you)


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