Starting Over

Have you ever experienced a massive change in your life, only to feel completely off kilter and maybe depressed? I am there right now and have been there many times in my life. With each transition, there are new opportunities to grow and learn through deep reflecting. Starting over is never easy, but absolutely possible with a little help. Starting over also creates space for greater experiences to occur in our lives. Whether it’s for a more compatible relationship, better job, more enjoyable home, or a simplified life, starting over can be just the thing to turn the direction of our lives into a more satisfying and happier place. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and when we understand the lessons of our life experiences, we learn more about ourselves and gain clarity as well as perspective. Give it time though, and expect your emotions to be all over the place; especially in the beginning because major changes usually correspond with grieving. Allow yourself to move through this process gently and get plenty of support from caring friends and family.

If you have no support or feel stuck, hire a life coach to help you develop a plan in order to move forward. If you are transitioning from any traumatic event like the death of a loved one, sexual assault, or leaving a domestic violence relationship, definitely seek help from a therapist or other mental health professional to process your feelings in a therapeutic and safe environment. Depression can easily turn into suicidal thinking or impaired decision making that can be very self-sabotaging. I can’t stress this enough because going at it alone can be extremely difficult and even dangerous to your health and life! Please get help from a professional and remember you are not alone. There are many resources available to help with virtually any problem from legal assistance to financial aid and even medical care or career services in every major community throughout the U.S. There are also many anonymous support groups for virtually any topic that can create an entire support network for you as well as help in the transition process.

Additionally, make sure to incorporate as many nurturing activities into your schedule as possible to aid in finding your center and reduce stress. Don’t underestimate the fact that starting over one’s life for any reason, is stressful and requires patience with yourself and excellent self-care. Get plenty of rest, eat nourishing food, stay on a schedule or create a new one, exercise daily to release frustration or anger as well as circulate energy throughout your body. Quiet your mind with mediation, yoga, tai chi,prayer, journaling, or any other form of contemplative practice. Watch the amount of television time you engage in as this can become a way to avoid moving forward and actually keep you stuck.

Regardless of your situation, starting over is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and make over your life. We all have a clean slate each day and can truly create what we desire, instead of feeling stuck by circumstance. There are many self-help books geared toward this very topic, filled with ideas and tools to support you through the process. Take a trip to your local bookstore or click onto’s bookstore and invest in one or two books that speak to you. The books below, are among my favorites for starting over. Check them out and stay positive. Your life isn’t over; it’s just beginning in a new direction!


  1. I think maybe your body, heart and soul are just re-booting. The fabulous is about to coming shining through! 🙂

    • Beautifully said. Thank you for commenting.

      • Of course gorgeous! 🙂

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