The Joy of Reading!

Image I LOVE reading inspirational books and wanted to share my reviews of books I’ve recently read in hopes of igniting your passion of reading too! Remember the days in school when book reports were required in order to demonstrate your understanding of the book as well as your thoughts about it? While I didn’t appreciate then, I am starting to come around now since I’m an avid reader and tend to forget all the juicy morsels found in the books I’ve read. This is especially true when I’m reading more than one book at a time (which is typically the case for me). Can you relate? As a result, I’ve decided to start posting my personal ‘book reviews’ or “reports” in order to share with everyone the  treasures found beneath the pages of my favorite books! The genre I gravitate to is usually spirituality, new age, psychology or self-help. I hope you enjoy them as much as me and share what you’re reading too.

Image Heaven is or Real: A little boy’s astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back is the focus of my book review today. It is a read that I couldn’t put down and finished in four hours. This true story is about a four year old boy named Colton who had a near death experience during emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. The book is written by the father, Todd Burpo and told from the parent’s perspective with excerpts of Colton’s random memories from Heaven. It is well-written and very detailed in it’s description of what Heaven looks and feels like, including messages of peace, hope, and prophecy. 

I really enjoyed this book because it was told in a very unassuming way with such realism and heart. It touched my heart when Colton described a meeting with his sister in Heaven who was never born as a result of his mother’s miscarriage year’s prior. I too have experienced the pain of miscarriage and know that my little girl is in Heaven with the rest of my family who has made their transition. Reading Colton’s story gives me even greater comfort and confirmation in this knowing that Heaven is more than a belief, but a very real place in existence. 

Of course, the story is recounted in a particular religious tone of Christianity, but I think this is because the boy came from a Christian family. His father is a pastor, for heaven’s sake and it makes sense that it would have a certain slant. I’m not saying that anything is falsified in this story, because I don’t believe that, I simply think that everyone’s experience of Heaven will be slanted toward their individual spiritual beliefs in order to make the assimilation easier to accept. I think this is easily documented in other people’s stories of near-death experiences and how different they are with some common threads; an overwhelming sense of peace and bright light. 

Regardless of anyone’s religious beliefs, I think this book is fantastic and would highly recommend it to anyone. As far as the religious overtones, take what fits for you (in your spiritual beliefs) and leave the rest. We are each individual spiritual beings who walk individual paths in this earthly experience. No path is right or wrong because they all lead to the same place; God (our individual spiritual evolution), so why waste time or energy arguing over religious nuances. Now is the time to relinquish black and white thinking in order to birth a new consciousness of faith where everyone’s spiritual/religious perspective or belief is right for them. I think the days of trying to force religious beliefs down people’s throats is over and a new time of enlightenment has come that accepts all walks of faith. I believe this book is an account of that individual boy’s beliefs about heaven as portrayed through the eyes of his father; a Christian pastor. A Jewish boy under similar circumstances might recount details of heaven through his religious viewpoint or that of his families. The point is, they are all real and true for the person who experienced it and for the rest of us they are inspiring messages of hope and faith that remind us of a reality beyond this earthly experience; that is certainly something that is worth considering. 

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