Celebrate The Earth!

Today is Earth Day; a time to celebrate the magnificent planet we call home. Without the life-sustaining elements found on Earth,we would not be able to exist. Fertile soil, oxygen, water, and warmth from fire as well as the sun allow the plants to grow, which provide food for us and all the animals. We share a symbiotic relationship with plants/trees; giving them carbon dioxide as we exhale and them providing us oxygen so we and the animals can breathe. This relationship doesn’t stop there, though, it extends to all the wildlife in our oceans, lakes and rivers that provide another food source as well as electricity by it’s natural flow.

The energy of this magnificent planet we call home, Earth, is rich with abundant resources that fuel our cars, planes, machinery, and ships. These vast resources also allow us to create building materials, provide medicines, cure disease, and shelter us from the cold and heat. Earth is indeed a wondrous planet that we inhabit. It is God’s gift to us. A garden of Eden we are entrusted to care for as well as utilize responsibly.

Today is about recognizing that responsibility as well as appreciating this precious gift called Earth. The time has come to reduce, reuse and recycle more than ever as our populations increase. We each play an important part in caring for this planet. Today, please awaken to what your specific part is. Individually, we can reverse past transgressions on mother earth so that collectively we can pass on these precious gifts to future generations. Below are some ideas to help you get started. Together, we all make a difference as we share in this important responsibility to preserve Earth.

* Use fabric grocery bags instead of paper or plastic

* Reduce or eliminate use of plastics purchased or utilized (Tupperware/ cups/plates/silverware/packaging/bags/bottles/straws,etc)

* Install energy efficient windows and appliances in your home (including water saving toilets and sprinklers)

* Practice water conservation: Install water saving facets, showers & washers in your home (this can also be done in an apartment!)
Turn water off while brushing your teeth. Use water saving features on your appliances (dishwashers & washing machines)

* Recycle rain water for your outdoor landscape

* Utilize the sun’s energy with solar panels, ovens, water heaters, etc.

* Harness the energy found in wind as a way to power your home.

* Plant a tree in your yard. Make it fruit bearing for double duty as it will feed you and provide oxygen.

* Utilize your garbage for compost to fertilize your lawn and garden

* Recycle everything you can. Almost everything we use can be re-used in some way. Glass jars can provide storage or house leftovers. Old furniture can be refinished into modern and useful pieces. Cards/cardboard can be reused to make new cards/containers and then broken down to make home-made paper or recycled in larger factories to make new paper. The list is endless. Use your imagination and creativity to vision new possibilities for recycling your possessions.

* Buy recycled products.

* Utilize natural cleaning products/soaps that don’t poison the earth

* Carpool or use public/mass transportation (trains, buses)

* Avoid Styrofoam!

Be conscious of your actions today and everyday to become good stewards of this planet we call Earth; our home for life! Together, Everyone who Applies these new practices will Make this planet a healthier place now and for generations to come. Join the revolution in evolution; celebrate and appreciate by reducing, reusing, and recycling today and every day!


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