Taming the Shrew; Overcoming Your Monkey-Mind

While this monkey may look cute in the picture, it’s all but cute in your life! When you’re scattered and out of focus, it’s the “monkey-mind” behind the scenes confusing your perspective and thus effecting your choices. This little critter thrives on doubt and fear causing procrastination and termoil. Many times we don’t trust ourselves when in a dilemma about making a decision and will ask other people for advice because we’re confused. Even when we’re given advice, our confusion only seems to mount and the decision seems even more elusive than ever before. By clearing out the excess mental chatter from this “monkey-mind” you can hear your internal guidance system that always knows the best answer/ outcome for you. So, how do we tame the shrew? I’ll tell you in 3 easy steps!

1) Stop listening to your “monkey-mind”. Learn to differentiate this personality (what if’s…) from your gut instincts. Find out what its message of protection is for
you! The “monkey-mind” truly has your best interests at heart and is only trying to protect you from failure, embarrassment or danger.
2) Get Quiet. This is essential in order to go within to your own internal guidance system where every personal answer resides.
3) Stick with your decision, once made… your “gut” instincts are ALWAYS right! This place is free from emotion or doubt. Don’t allow your “monkey-mind” to
confuse you after your decision has been made. Take action and just go with it immediately!

Try these simple steps and make friends with your monkey-mind for good!

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