Re-fueling and Renewing

“The universe will fill your cup — if you carry a big cup, a little cup, or a thimble!”
Sonia Choquette 

 Meditating in this Zen Garden, would easily renew a sense of tranquility and peace, but what if you don’t have a garden? Not to worry. Re-fueling our dreams and renewing our hope is possible anywhere. All that is required is a quiet moment (or several) and focused breathing. This little exercise will automatically restore clarity and energy as well as boost your attitude as well as outlook on everything.

Try clearing your mind right now. Close your eyes (or stare at this picture) and simply breathe deeply, allowing your belly to gently push out while inhaling and contract when exhaling. Many times we tend to breathe from our chest shallowly, which only creates more anxiety or stress. By simply remembering to breathe from the belly, our body will naturally relax and clear thinking will emerge. This is the easiest way to mentally re-fuel, but it won’t last long unless repeated regularly.

Lasting renewal requires awakening to the idea that we’re never really “empty” in the first place! We are spiritual beings at our core and thus are endowed with boundless energy, vitality and creativity. This is the Real Truth! Plugging into this reality connects us to a peace that passes all understanding… a fresh perspective…an open heart. It also dissolves petty differences and day-to-day hassles that can wear on the mind and body. This re-fueling, is a actually a re-connecting to Source. The essence of our being that is everlasting and divine. Perfect, whole and complete.

So next time your feel spent, take a few minutes to breathe and go within. Plug into Spirit through nature, water, soft music, visualization or deep belly breathing. Let your mind go blank and trust the process. Notice your blood pressure drop, your temperature regulate and your thoughts slow down as you take a time-out from this world and rejoin the Spiritual one.


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