You are NOT alone!

The time has come to put aside individual greed, discord and corruption in order to awaken to the larger reality of a world that works for everyone; regardless of class, stature, or faith. No matter how depressed or alone you may feel; the Truth is, you are NOT alone. Although American culture prides itself on individuality, productivity and capitalism, there is a great deal more to life.

The world is home to all of humanity and despite contrary belief, there is plenty of food, water, shelter and medicine for every woman, man and being as well as animal on this planet. There are untapped resources that work in harmony to correct pollution, disease, homelessness, fear and hopelessness. These resources are a combination of physical and spiritual laws of nature that ensure our survival. 2012 is a time to emerge our collective consciousness with thoughts of plenty, peace and harmony. The days of isolation are over. Truth is, we have never been really alone; but have separated ourselves from our Divine essence. This Spiritual core is inherent to everyone, regardless of religious beliefs.

Faith is merely a path to enlightenment; a path to freedom from oppression. A path to greater love through acceptance and forgiveness instead of hatred or ignorance. There are many paths to God and all are just as long as they don’t harm another. There is no need to fight for conformity because there is no threat; only a belief in control, greed, fear and ego. This way of thinking is what separates people from each other and causes war. Even those who fight in the name of God, are driven by fear and anger. If we respond in kind, we only perpetuate the problem. Again, we are not alone. It is merely an illusion.

So I challenge you to consider the idea that Oneness. Awaken to the Truth that is deep inside of you that beats to the collective heartbeat. Synchronicize your thoughts and actions with your highest Self (whatever you call it) and befriend one another as we are all family. Think loving thoughts and perform loving deeds. Release any wrongs, fear, doubt, or anger through forgiveness and acceptance of what’s more important…. peace & harmony. When you do this, all feelings of separation will disappear and fade into the nothingness from which they came. It is the individual who holds grudges. It is Spirit who binds humanity together.

(A Sandskrit word meaning the Spirit in me, see’s greets and honors the Spirit in you.)

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