Living in the Land of Plenty

As American’s, it’s easy to say we live in the land of plenty because of all the economic opportunities our freedom allows. Often people from poor countries view the U.S. as “the land of milk and honey” traveling far and wide to be here and “get their piece of the pie”. Alternatively, there are citizens here who feel the pains of poverty (physically or mentally), hunger, fear, and oppression. These ideas may seem impossible to those from other parts of the world, but its true nonetheless for these people. Americans have the highest levels of depression and other psychiatric illnesses than anyone in the world. We work ourselves into the ground out of necessity or ambition with little down-time and even less serenity. Why? In the pursuit of happiness? How can this be so when opportunity is all around us? I think the answer is simple; many people are living from a place of lack and limitation. A belief that there is never enough which translates into hopelessness and fear. We compair ourselves with others instead of recognizing all that we have. Although the truth is that Americans have the greatest freedoms and opportunity for happiness than most, we haven’t been taught how to grasp the ideas of plenty. We haven’t been taught the language of Abundance.

Living in the land of plenty is all about “abundance consciousness”. When we can turn our attention to all the blessings in our lives now, we realize there is more than enough food, water, shelter, clothing, work and money for everyone. There is plenty for all the necessities of life and then some. According to John Randolph Price in The Abundance Book, “Abundance in the physical world is an outpicturing of a prosperity consciousness, so work from within. The higher your consciousness, the greater your prosperity.” This means that we have control of our manifestation of abundance by the way we think, feel and act. Therefore, living in the land of plenty is truly a matter of perspective or belief.

The word “plenty” has many connotations for people depending on our background and personal/spiritual beliefs. What does it mean to you? Where does your mind go when you think about it? Money…Security? According to the dictionary, plenty means “a full or abundant supply or amount; the state or quality of being plentiful; more than sufficient; ample”. Consider what living in plenty means to you. I’ll bet that when you do, a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding will wash over you filling in all the empty places where doubt, fear and lack once lived. Try it and let me know your results.

Rev. Lisa

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