Are you in good company?

What kind of people are in your life? Typical circles of support consist of family and friends; however are all of these people positive influences in your life? Maybe not; let’s see.

Immediate family knows you best, and so they are more likely to be very protective of you in order to show their love. Many times, family members interject their own doubt and fear onto us, although they are well-meaning. While their motives are from a loving place, criticism or other negative comments can zap our ideas before they start.

Some families aren’t close at all and may even be toxic (destructive/unhealthy). If your family is unsupportive and dysfunctional; don’t despair, as you are not alone. Awakening to the truth about your family dynamics is essential in protecting yourself from becoming too vulnerable by expecting the impossible. Seek support from other people who can act like a “surrogate family” for you and provide a loving, support system that you deserve. Try attending support groups or get involved in a church community that inspires, motivates and supports.

Friends are supports of our choosing, so we automatically think they have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, not all of our friends are positive influences in our lives and can actually be detrimental. Sometimes, friendships start out for one reason, such as co-workers or schoolmates, then shift as our interests and personality changes. Everyone is constantly changing and growing; this is a normal, human process that occurs organically.

In order to avoid this, practice the skill of discernment while confiding in family or friends. Ask yourself who are the people in your life whom you want to share your innermost desires (goals, feelings, ideas, plans, dreams) with? Who do you trust and admire? Who is the best listener?

Being in good company is about paying attention to all the influences in our lives and discerning which ones are beneficial from those that are harmful. Being around “Negative Nancy’s”,  “Gossip Queens”, or “needy people”, can drain the life right out of a person; zapping energy, time, and/or positivity. While it is true that not everyone in your circle of support will be your best friend, it’s imperative to identify people you can confide in who will really listen and provide positive/encouraging support. It’s also important to set clear boundaries with everyone in your life in order to be happy and successful.

We all need each other on this journey called life and keeping good company ensures that only the best influences (people) in our lives permeate our minds and hearts. This love, truth and positivity is the encouragement needed to propels us to greater heights.

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