Declare Your Independence!

Fourth of July is almost here; a time to celebrate our (United States of America) independence from Great Britain. Unrest from the colonists began the  American Revolution as a way to assert their independence and more than a year later the Continental Congress was formed. A special committee was formed and the Declaration of Independence was created and then finalized and signed on July 4th, 1776.

The freedoms declared in this document, were the building blocks of the freedoms we enjoy today. Yet, how free do most of us feel? How often do you allow fear or challenging circumstances to control your life?

The Declaration of Independence states that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Instead of allowing economic pressures and political unrest to dictate your life, declare your independence from fear and stop oppressing yourself with negativity, doubt and despair. Poverty is a state of mind; one can have limited to no income and still choose to be happy, grateful and free. Believing in lack and limitation only create more evidence of lack and limitation. The media is a breeding ground for fear, bombarding us with negative information all the time; unemployment rates, foreclosure statistics, reports of crime and political unrest. We think there is “not enough” work, money, food, affordable housing, and opportunity; however, the reality is that there are thousands of jobs available, plenty of food sources, an abundance of housing and unlimited opportunities. We are FREE to choose where to work or create our own business in order to earn as much money as we want. We are free to buy a house/condo/townhouse or rent. We are free to grow our own food, use coupons or bargain shop for the best deals on everyday consumables (food, soap, paper products, gas, etc). We are free to voice our opinions and vote on elected officials as well as keep them accountable in representing our best interests. We are free to choose our thoughts, actions, and behavior at all times. Thus, we truly are independent and yet interdependent since our actions, behavior and attitude affect everyone around us.

When investors panic, the stock market goes down, affecting the U.S and global markets. When we’re stressed and unhappy, we tend to make mistakes, over-react, and complain. When we’re not in gratitude of all that we do have or what’s working in our lives, our perspective is clouded by judgement that is a breeding ground for unrest. These decisions lead to choices that have a ripple effect on the people around us, the entire nation and around the world.  Fear is contagious, but so is positivity.

By declaring our independence from these negative ideas and influences, we can experience the freedom that is our birthright and stop oppressing ourselves. We can find the happiness our forefathers declared when we live in the moment and take advantage of the freedoms that are available to us today! It’s up to us. What will you choose; freedom or bondage?  For me, the choice is clear; enjoy freedom in accepting my right to life, liberty and happiness.

I hope you join me in this declaration today and allow yourself to celebrate all the freedom that available right here and now!

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