Harvesting Success


  Fall is a time of celebrating the harvest of our crops. It is a time for enjoying the fruits of our labor. Fall is a time of transition and change from the warmth of summer to the cold chills of winter. We harvest whatever we’ve planted earlier in the year and this nourishment is meant to sustains us during the cold, dark, days ahead. But what if the seeds we have planted were riddled with negativity, fear, and decay? Then our harvest would be compromised and therefore unsuccessful.

Success is determined by the seeds or actions that are taken. More importantly, success is determined by the quality of the seeds themselves. Additionally, the seeds must be planted in fertile soil, watered daily and tended to regularly. Without this tender loving care, the seeds have no hope of surviving; turning into that which they were meant to be. Weeds, insects,  or the environment would simply eat away at them until they withered and died.

Our dreams (and goals) are like those seeds. They require daily watering and regular tending in order to grow and thrive. Our dreams need nurturing and support; love and continual positive energy so they can take root and ripen until harvest. What does your harvest look like? Your life, today, is the result of the seeds (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, actions, habits) that were planted days, months and even years ago. Are you enjoying the harvest of your dreams? If not, it’s not too late to plant new seeds for success and inner peace.

Use this time of year to sift through your own harvest and identify the seeds you’d like to plant for success. Whatever you desire is possible; abundance exists right now and all around you. The Universe is ready and available to give you whatever you want or need. All that is required is an open and receiving heart. There are Universal Laws that apply to every individual on this planet. They extend beyond government. The Law of Receptivity is one of them. This is one of the keys to harvesting success.

The seeds of gratitude are essential to an abundant harvest. Giving thanks for the good that is here right now, is paramount to tilling the soil of our minds. Gratitude paves the way for receiving by opening a pathway in the mind and heart so that greater good can flow in. When we don’t recognize the blessings in our lives now, we eliminate our ability to see the joy, hope, and success that is right in front of us. Without this key ingredient, our receptivity is diminished and therefore our harvest appears insufficient or dead.

In order for you to enjoy the bounty of your harvest, give thanks for everything and everyone in your life. Recognize the beauty, joy and love that exists all around you now. Be grateful for what you have instead of what’s missing. Focus on the positive and more positive will arrive. If you are struggling in your relationships or finances, focus on the positive within them. There is always something good in every person, situation, or circumstance. Look for this good and watch how your perspective shifts. What was anger or frustration turns into love and acceptance. Fears of lack and limitation dissolve into peace and faith. Soon you’ll begin to notice that the harvest of your life is more bountiful than you ever previously thought.





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