Lighten up!


Lately I’ve noticed that people are too wound up; uptight and riddled with fear. I’ve felt it within myself at times too. There is a heaviness in the air and many people look as though they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. What would it take for all of us to bee happy and lighten up?

This morning I was reminded of the importance of not taking anything personally. After being chewed out on the phone by my landlord, I realized that times are tough for everyone and lashing out has become the new norm. Lots of Americans and people around the world are struggling as a result of economic pressures. Tempers are flaring, irritation is high and there’s a lot of political unrest as the U.S. elections get closer. With all this uncertainty, emotions are running high and this is causing people to overreact more than usual. I believe now is the time to practice patience and lighten up!

So how do we do it despite all the doom and gloom in the world? Easy; we start smiling and laughing again. This allows other’s harsh words and emotions to gently roll off our backs. We start accepting each other exactly where we’re at and offer love instead of resistance. We start finding humor amidst frustration and tolerance amidst pain. We look at what’s good; at what’s working, thereby turning away from all reports to the contrary. First and foremost, we stop taking things personally as Don Miguel Ruiz suggests in his book The Four Agreements. When we do these things, our energy shifts and this in turn shifts the energy of everyone around us for the better. Suddenly things don’t appear so dyer and we can actually begin to laugh instead of scream.

Laughter releases tension and is contagious. However we all have different views on what’s funny. Laughing at someone’s viewpoint or feelings won’t ease a tenuous situation anymore than picking an argument. Instead, do this in your own mind. Lighten yourself up first and then help others see the humor in the situation. Be present with them. Realize that it’s not about you; the person is just having an emotional outburst. Let them. Hold the space for their feelings and then let it (whatever they’ve said) go, without absorbing their negativity (fear) or attaching meaning to their words. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU!!! I repeat this idea,because I struggle with it too. No one likes being yelled at, chewed out, criticized, or cut-off while driving; however someone needs to be the bigger person. Someone has to lighten up and give others permission to do the same. Someone has to break up the tension. If we alternate doing this for each other, collectively, we’ll all be happier and more at ease.

Truth is, most things are not the end of the world. Losing your job sucks, but it’s not as bad as losing a loved one or losing your life! We are more than our jobs. The bills will always be there. Somehow though, the most important ones always get paid. Abundance and financial prosperity is always available to those willing/open enough to receive it. Yet, we tend to panic when the rug is pulled out from underneath. Instead, have faith that something wonderful is about to happen. Be open to new possibilities and new doors will open. Ask for help and get plenty of good support from people who can uplift and inspire you. Lightening up in this way will reduce emotional outbursts and what I call “fear attacks”. Strengthening your funny bone will increase your patience, eliminate lashing out at total strangers, those you do business with, and your loved ones. This benefits everyone around you, the community and the world!

To summarize:

-Stop feeding stress and start finding humor in order to accept the unacceptable.

-Become part of the solution instead of the problem.

-Lighten up to lift up.

Check out this website to evaluate your humor preferences and start laughing today!

Here is a few others humor websites that will help you lighten up immediately.

Here are some websites that are all about happiness, lightening up and more about the 4 Agreements:

And if you are particularly struggling, seek professional help from a coach, counselor, or clergy. There is no shame in needing someone to listen and help sort out life’s challenges with you in order to find solutions. We all need help from time to time.

Contact me for more information or individual support: ~                          I am a licensed Life Coach and Minister uniquely trained to assist you in improving the quality of your life. You needn’t struggle alone.




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