Awakening to our Global Oneness

Today is Global Oneness Day!
 This was created by Humanities in 2010. It was “created to celebrate your oneness with all of Humanity, with all of life and with the creative force that animates you“.

“By celebrating your oneness on one day, our hope is that you will embrace and celebrate your oneness EVERYDAY – and spread a wave of oneness around the world!” ~ Global Oneness Summit ~

Today is dedicated to recognizing our Oneness with each-other, the planet, and all of life. World Spiritual leaders, authors, scientists, artists, and activists are speaking today about Oneness and how we are all interrelated.

It has been said that we’re entering the “Renaissance of the Human Spirit”  and at the crossroads of fundamental change in the way we view life, interact with each other, treat the planet, conduct business, learn, and evolve.

More and more, Science is proving that Spiritual Practices such as meditation actually improves individual and environmental consciousness. The study of Metaphysics and Spirituality is beginning to merge and support one another; raising the awareness levels of everyone on the planet. This is bringing about greater planetary harmony and understanding that we are all truly One.

So what does all this mean to you and me?  Today is not about changing the world; its about “embracing your true nature” which will “create positive changes in YOUR life!”

For more information, check out these links below:

It’s not too late to hear all of these great speakers too. They have recorded the entire event and you can buy all these recordings for one low fee.

Check it out and learn tools and techniques for cultivating oneness in your life.

Listen and enjoy!

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