Opening yourself to Peace, Faith, Love & Joy

 Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future, Faith is the courage to dance to it today! ~ Author unknown

Peace is the absence of conflict; total acceptance of what is… complete serenity. Faith is believing in that which is unseen or unknown. Love is the driving force behind life; the spark that ignites passion with purpose, beauty with excitement, and connects people’s hearts forever. Joy is pure happiness; a combination of peace, faith and love that stems from deep within. Joy is the heartbeat of life… the freedom from pain…the essence of who we are as Spiritual Beings. Opening ourselves to this Truth, awakens us to the Divine within that is capable of anything.

Many people today believe they are trapped by circumstance, relationships, education or poverty. The truth is, we are only trapped by our inability to see all the possibilities that exist all around us! YOU have choices!!! You’re only as trapped as you believe you are. Life is always presenting us with new opportunities and room for advancement. Are you taking advantage of them? During the course of a day, we make millions of decisions that effect our lives. Unfortunately, most of these decisions or choices are made unconsciously while we live on auto-pilot. What if you decided to wake up and embrace life from a conscious perspective that is based on peace, faith, love & joy? Can you imagine what that would look like for yourself? How would your life transform if there was no struggle?

This earthly life was never meant to be an uphill battle; we make it one by forgetting our Inner Power! Stop allowing petty differences, doubt or fear cloud your perspective. Embrace the wholeness of who you are meant to be. Divine perfection in human form. Live your dreams. Create from your heart. Enjoy all that life has to offer. Be yourself. These are the ideals to live by. Truth, Faith, Love, & Harmony shall rise above all circumstance or injustice. Honesty, willingness, and courage are the building blocks that lead to a peace-filled, joyous, life. All the material things in the world can’t replace this. No relationship, status, or amount of money can bring you real freedom, peace or joy. Success isn’t determined by accomplishments, the quality of your life is.

Satisfaction comes from joy that is derived in peace. How satisfied are you with your life? If the answer is more things, a certain title or status, a specific relationship, or bank account balance, than you’ve missed the point. What has to happen or exist for you to be truly happy? Notice the chatter and go deeper by continuing to ask the question. Let the answer come from your heart. What is really important? Use this information to lead a joy-filled, peace-full, loving life. Have faith and stay open.


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