Clear your Energy!

                       Today is Worldwide Energetic Cleansing Day!

This means we have an opportunity to participate in something amazing and deeply profound just by reciting a prayer of intention and being still for 3 minutes. I have done it twice already as it’s suggested to practice three times today; morning, early afternoon and evening. Immediately, I felt clearer, lighter, more energetic and focused. Why not engage in something healing for yourself and the planet.

Our energy is vital to the harmony of the planet and of course our own bodies. Practice clearing your energy and collectively around the world, we will begin to re-balance all the fear & negativity with peace, harmony and love. Just like the picture above says, YOU are the universe experiencing itself. We all are; so why not make it a good experience? All it takes is conscious choice and the willingness to participate.

Try it and post your results!



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