Spiritual Prepping for Doomsday and Beyond!

Image We’ve all been hearing stories about people “preparing for Doomsday”; especially as we near December 21st, 2012. There is even a reality TV show called “Doomsday Preppers” that feature people all across the country preparing for a host of catastrophic disasters ranging from a nuclear attack, to governmental breakdown due to economic collapse. These people are creating underground bunkers, storing food, water, and medical supplies, as well as stockpiling weapons in order to defend themselves and/or their reserves. While there is nothing wrong with being prepared for an emergency, many people are neglecting “Spiritual Preparedness”.

Spiritual preparedness is about strengthening our relationship with the Divine / God; building up our faith muscles in order to withstand any outside event or challenge and eliminating an “us” versus “them” attitude. This kind of preparation requires a deep, inner-awareness or belief, that God is always available to guide and protect, unify, and create. There is no separation from that which we are created.(in the image and likeness of God) The appearance of “evil” as evidenced by war or terrorism is ultimately the manifestation of a belief in separation from the Divine and each other (the idea that my beliefs or way of life is better than yours) . Understanding our Oneness with God, the planet, the Universe, and thus each other, is an essential part of eliminating fear-of-the-unknown as well as fear of one another. Once this occurs, there is no need for weapons or threat of war because we realize that what I do to you, effects me too; every side is right and forms a circle. Love, acceptance and cooperation are the principles that will lead (and sustain) us to peaceful cohabitation.  

In the Bible, the book of “Revelations” talks about the end of the world. Some people are taking this prophecy literally and preparing as such; others are noticing global changes in weather as well as political and economic unrest as signs that the Apocalypse is coming. What you believe now will determine how you prepare yourself; spiritually, mentally, and physically in the days ahead. 

I believe that a combination of prayer for peace & harmony, faith in the perfect outcome of any situation, a positive attitude, an awareness of our Oneness with God/ the Universe/ other people/ all of Life, and a reserve of basic human necessities (food, water,clothing, camping gear) is all that is needed to prepare me from catastrophe. Having a “bug-out bag” that includes a plan of action, packed in your car and/or at work for emergencies is always a good idea ensuring peace of mind just in case. Something I would also include in my emergency bag (and suggest for anyone) are positive affirmations and spiritual or religious literature to ensure positive/grounded thoughts to combat negative emotions such as fear or panic that are likely to come up in uncertain/threatening situations. Stocking up on emergency food, and water along with prescription and over-the-counter medications at home is also a good idea to ensure adequate preparedness along with a 72hr bug-out-bag . Regardless of your beliefs, mindset, or the news, preparing for emergencies is a responsible activity that can benefit you and your entire family as well as friends, neighbors and the community. It’s the smart thing to do;  even if the end-of-the world never comes. At the end of the day however, I believe it is our Spiritual Beliefs in the God of our understanding that will ultimately guide us through whatever transitions are yet to come.

Will you live in fear or trust in Faith?










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