Awaken to Living a Good Life

nordic skiiersDecide to play in this game of life. Stop merely existing and start living. Do what you love with the talents, skills, and abilities you’ve been given. Be who you are, be yourself; not what other’s expect from you. Enjoy the journey; forget the destination. Participate fully in everything you do. Take risks and just go for it! Confidence comes from action.

Connect deeply with others, sharing from your Soul. Love unconditionally. Laugh often. Humor is truly the best medicine against sadness, self-pitty, or depression. Smile at yourself and others. Be open to joy and all possibilities! Have hope; things could always be worse. Count your blessings. Develop your Faith. Surrender everything that you cannot change. Replace “have-to’s” with “choose-to”. Remember language is powerful; so choose your words carefully. Let go and let God. Be good to yourself by setting healthy boundaries with others. Learn to say No! Respect your needs and wants; feelings and desires. Chase your dreams. Face your fears. Do it anyway 🙂  Ask for help if needed. Get support. Reciprocate! We all need each other to learn from and grow. Accept the unacceptable. Be grateful in every moment. Show compassion for yourself and others. Be quick to forgive. Speak your mind with authenticity and respect.

Nurture the child within. Play everyday. Swing. Slide. Skip. Run & jump! Explore. Dance to the rhythm of life. Sing like a a rockstar. Write poetry, music, stories, or love-notes. Read inspiring, literature to stretch your mind. Celebrate the little and big things. Live gracefully. Make every day an adventure. Always be curious. Ask lots of questions. Spend time in nature outdoors. Smell flowers. Hug a tree. Plant something. Get your hands dirty in the soil of mother earth. Walk barefoot in the grass. Commune with God regularly. Listen to Divine wisdom. Be silly. Make snow angels. Roll down a hill. Enjoy the seasons. Craft. Spark your creativity. Cook a variety of recipes.  Watch the clouds move along the sky. Daydream; it’s good to use your imagination and fun too!

Trust the process of life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this exact minute; doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. There are no accidents. Your life has meaning. Savor every moment. Don’t resist challenges; instead embrace them, learning as much as you can along the way. Voice your opinions then let them go. Never try to change another person’s mind; it never works and is a futile waist of energy. Commit to yourself, first and foremost, then to others. Stand with integrity. Be honest with yourself in order to be authentic with everyone. Let your light shine. Listen to your gun instincts. Spirit always knows what’s best for you. Trust that all is well. Rejoice! This is your birthright.


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