Awaken to Your Inner Resources!

resources within- added 8-22


Each of us are created with a multitude of inner, natural, resources that can be accessed at any given time. These are a combination of cognitive functioning or mental processing, physical abilities, and spiritual consciousness that allow for improved decision making and more importantly finding solutions to personal challenges.  Our inner resources are present from the day we’re born and develop throughout our lifetime . These resources include greater personal awareness, intuition, faith, attitude and energy to name a few.

When we tap into these resources we don’t need to ask for others’ advise or second guess our own decisions. Instead, we can trust ourselves and allow solutions to bubble forth naturally. By not stressing over daily challenges, or even major life events, we can cope with them easier and quicker. Utilizing positive thinking allows for us to let go of people and situations we can’t control and instead focus on what we can; our perspective of it.

Regardless of the situation or circumstance you are currently facing, simply reminding yourself of these inner resources will release  fear, frustration, or unnecessary anxiety. Stopping yourself from frantic worrying, allows an awakening of your natural resources to emerge and soon your outlook will begin to shift. There is a lot to be said for being at peace regardless of what’s going on around you and acceptance really is the answer to every problem. Feelings pass. Hurts can be healed. If you can’t accept or change the problem, situation, or person, the only alternative is to release our attachment of it. Sometimes this involves forgiveness of yourself and or others; admitting our part of the problem. When we hang onto anger and resentment, fear or guilt,  this rigid thinking clouds our ability to see the natural resources (and solutions) that are available to you in any given situation.

While recently listening to a PBS special with Dr. Wayne Dyer about his newest book, Excuses Be Gone, he said that the most important idea we can remind ourselves of is that “with God all things are possible”. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, this idea invites an opening in your consciousness to see all the possibilities for solutions that are available. When we take a step back and turn it over, we are free of it and can return to clear thinking. This solution results in greater peace of mind as well as the elimination of stress.

So, today, when you are faced with a challenge, by make it your mission to stop and utilize your inner resources!

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