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Opening yourself to Peace, Faith, Love & Joy

 Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future, Faith is the courage to dance to it today! ~ Author unknown Peace is the absence of conflict; total acceptance of what is… complete serenity. Faith is believing in that which is unseen or unknown. Love is the driving force behind life; the spark that ignites …

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Awaken to Self Respect

What does self respect mean to you? The above poster reminds us that we have to take a stand with ourselves in order for others to follow our lead. So how do you carry yourself in relationships? What will you tolerate and what is totally unacceptable? Women are so hard on themselves and often times …

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Play Dress-Up!

Did you know that dressing up dramatically impacts your mood? Research shows strong correlation between fashion and having a positive attitude as well as success and productivity. The business world has known this for decades, proving that what you wear really does make a difference! I put this to the test when getting all dolled …

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