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Are you Happy?

We are One; inextricably connected. In bringing joy and comfort joy to others, we receive everlasting joy and fulfillment. In waking up to these universal principles, we release selfish motives and dysfunctional patterns of behavior. So what are you willing to do differently on your quest for happiness, prosperity, and purpose?

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Have Faith

           How has your 2012 been going thus far? If you are like me, perhaps it’s tapered off. My year, certainly started unexpectedly with tragedy and one challenges after another. I fell at my church twisting my ankle,my Uncle suddenly died in early January, I caught a nasty cold right after …

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Welcome to Faith’s Place

Have you ever wished there was a place in nature to go on a retreat that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, that had    modern conveniences, great food, lots of activities and plenty of room to just re-group or reflect? How about a place where you could stay as long  as you wanted or …

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