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Lisa’s Top Summer Reading Pic

This is my favorite book of the summer; Gift from the Sea from Anne        Morrow Lindbergh. It’s an inspirational story written in the early 1950’s about a woman who went on a retreat-style vacation to Florida’s Captiva Island where she reflected on lessons of love, marriage, youth, age, peace, solitude, and contentment. …

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Awaken to Your Underworld

We are all like jellyfish …  alive… graceful … & potentially dangerous! What is your underworld ( inner-world) like? Your thoughts, inner feelings, beliefs and attitudes. Much like the jellyfish, we enjoy gracefully swimming through life yet we have the capacity to attack with lethal consequences. Our inner-world is the wellspring for such attacks because …

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Hello world!

Hi, my name is Lisa and this is my first blog. I am excited about blogging and hope to reach lots of people in the world to inspire, motivate, and provide hopeful / helpful insights that I’ve received from my own life experience from 34 years on the planet.  I hope you all enjoy my …

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