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Are you Happy?

We are One; inextricably connected. In bringing joy and comfort joy to others, we receive everlasting joy and fulfillment. In waking up to these universal principles, we release selfish motives and dysfunctional patterns of behavior. So what are you willing to do differently on your quest for happiness, prosperity, and purpose?

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Being Open to Life!

  Just like this picture depicts, there is freedom from stretching our wings and allowing ourselves to fly. While humans don’t necessarily have “wings” we can still “fly”. Take flying in an airplane for example, we board metal tubes that miraculously take flight into the sky and transport us all over the world. We can …

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Your Body Knows

Have you ever started crying and not known why? The body knows all of our pain; past and present. It knows the sum total of our scars and wounds regardless of time. Often we cry to release pent up emotions within our bodies. This physical release is a natural occurrence having a cleansing affect. Perhaps …

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