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Lighting the Way

       Advent is the preparation for Christmas, practiced by Christians, on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. The advent wreath has five candles (one for each of the Sundays of advent and one for Christmas Eve) each week is symbolic of the time before conception and leading up to the birth of Christ. The candles are …

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Being Open to Life!

  Just like this picture depicts, there is freedom from stretching our wings and allowing ourselves to fly. While humans don’t necessarily have “wings” we can still “fly”. Take flying in an airplane for example, we board metal tubes that miraculously take flight into the sky and transport us all over the world. We can …

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Standing on Your 2 Big Spiritual Feet!

I love the saying my minister uses in regards to facing challenging situations; “stand on your own, 2 big Spiritual feet”. The deeper meaning being that many times, we need to have difficult conversations with people in our lives and walk through challenging situations that require us to move out of our comfort zone and …

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