Threading the Needle

Definition: When you try to accelerate past something by a narrow margin resulting in high risk. This can occur while driving through an intersection or attempting to complete a large project within 24hrs or less. We’ve all done it at some point or another even though the risk usually isn’t worth it. So why do we continue to engage in this potentially disastrous behavior? Control.

When we think we can squeeze by or do one more thing in efforts to push ourselves just a little bit harder, we’re under the illusion of control otherwise known as “threading the needle”. The reality however is that we are playing Russian Roulette with ourselves and everyone around us. The truth is, we can’t control everything and our impatience propels us to do take excessive chances with our lives. So now that we’re aware of it what can we do to stop it?

In order to stop “threading the needle”we must first be aware of our feelings. Where do you feel rushed, behind, or frustrated? How about regret or shame? These powerful feelings can propel anyone to want to escape them. Secondly, what’s needed is a safe outlet to feel and release them appropriately. But how? Any typical stress-management exercise will work well such as physical activity, meditation, behavior modification, or affirmations. Third, find ways to de-stress your life. Perhaps enlist the help of a life coach to help you  identify ways you can re-vamp your schedule or shift your perspective.  If repressed anger is the underlying emotion perhaps seeking the help of a professional counselor would best help you get a handle on it as well as teach you ways to cope more effectively.

Regardless of how you decide to stop “threading the needle”, taking unnecessary risks is completely avoidable. Learn to be aware of your feelings and surroundings, deal with your emotions appropriately, and ask for help!






































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