10 Activities for Personal Kindness

             We hear a lot about being kind to others, but rarely hear about the importance of kindness towards ourselves. Nothing substitutes personal kindness as well as self-love. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is very much outward focused, ignoring the adage that kindness begins at home. We can’t give what we don’t have. Often, we think that compassion for others is how we’ll get it for ourselves, however this isn’t the case long-term. While altruistic deeds do make us feel good, they don’t compensate for low self-esteem, depression, or a negative belief system. In fact, constantly focusing on others leads to what is called “compassion fatigue”. This is a common condition that occurs with those who work in social service/medical fields. To combat this predicament between caring for ourselves (personal kindness) and being there for others, we can make sure to incorporate healthy activities such as the ones below.

1) Practice loving self-care; spend 10-15 minutes alone to meditate, read or pray

2) Get plenty of rest (7-9 hours is recommended by leading health professionals)

3) Eat nourishing foods: whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish

4) Drink lots of water: 8-12 glasses per day! Breaks down to just 4 liters…

5) Get daily physical exercise (preferably outside amidst nature- go for a walk or jog in the park, roller-blade, go bike riding, take a hike at a nearby mountain trail, play tennis, swim)

6) Reverse negative self-talk; release thoughts of anger, stress or frustration replacing them with positive affirmations that are empowering and supportive. For example: replace   “I hate my job” with “I am grateful for my job that allows me to support myself and my family. I do the best I can every day and I am good at it.”

7) Give yourself a break! Splurge on manicures, pedicures and or massages. Get these beauty treatments done regularly and alone so you can truly relax. 

8) Keep up your personal appearance: Get regular haircuts and color if you choose. Heck, get a complete make-over at least once a year. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and help you look your best. And don’t forget the undergarments… never underestimate the power (confidence) of sexy underwear and bra’s that are just for You!

9) Take long luxurious bubble baths and post “Do Not Disturb” on the bathroom door!

9) Go shopping once a month or every other month and buy something that makes YOU feel beautiful. This could be perfume, a silk scarf, shoes, a new handbag, etc.

10) Do nothing for an entire afternoon or an entire day. Give yourself time and space to just    be without distractions or to-do lists. Take a nap. Sleep in. Watch your favorite tv show(s) or a movie. Enjoy a cup of tea and just lounge; let yourself enjoy this much needed “down time”. 

These activities will calm the nerves and soothe the soul. Try them for yourself or create new ones. The idea is to fill yourself up with loving kindness so that when you go out into the world, you can do so from a joyful and authentic place. Utilizing these activities regularly will eliminate stress, improve your health and relationships as well as increase productivity. Most importantly, you can then be kinder with others without depleting yourself. 

Awaken to Your Inner Resources!

resources within- added 8-22


Each of us are created with a multitude of inner, natural, resources that can be accessed at any given time. These are a combination of cognitive functioning or mental processing, physical abilities, and spiritual consciousness that allow for improved decision making and more importantly finding solutions to personal challenges.  Our inner resources are present from the day we’re born and develop throughout our lifetime . These resources include greater personal awareness, intuition, faith, attitude and energy to name a few.

When we tap into these resources we don’t need to ask for others’ advise or second guess our own decisions. Instead, we can trust ourselves and allow solutions to bubble forth naturally. By not stressing over daily challenges, or even major life events, we can cope with them easier and quicker. Utilizing positive thinking allows for us to let go of people and situations we can’t control and instead focus on what we can; our perspective of it.

Regardless of the situation or circumstance you are currently facing, simply reminding yourself of these inner resources will release  fear, frustration, or unnecessary anxiety. Stopping yourself from frantic worrying, allows an awakening of your natural resources to emerge and soon your outlook will begin to shift. There is a lot to be said for being at peace regardless of what’s going on around you and acceptance really is the answer to every problem. Feelings pass. Hurts can be healed. If you can’t accept or change the problem, situation, or person, the only alternative is to release our attachment of it. Sometimes this involves forgiveness of yourself and or others; admitting our part of the problem. When we hang onto anger and resentment, fear or guilt,  this rigid thinking clouds our ability to see the natural resources (and solutions) that are available to you in any given situation.

While recently listening to a PBS special with Dr. Wayne Dyer about his newest book, Excuses Be Gone, he said that the most important idea we can remind ourselves of is that “with God all things are possible”. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, this idea invites an opening in your consciousness to see all the possibilities for solutions that are available. When we take a step back and turn it over, we are free of it and can return to clear thinking. This solution results in greater peace of mind as well as the elimination of stress.

So, today, when you are faced with a challenge, by make it your mission to stop and utilize your inner resources!

Awaken to Living a Good Life

nordic skiiersDecide to play in this game of life. Stop merely existing and start living. Do what you love with the talents, skills, and abilities you’ve been given. Be who you are, be yourself; not what other’s expect from you. Enjoy the journey; forget the destination. Participate fully in everything you do. Take risks and just go for it! Confidence comes from action.

Connect deeply with others, sharing from your Soul. Love unconditionally. Laugh often. Humor is truly the best medicine against sadness, self-pitty, or depression. Smile at yourself and others. Be open to joy and all possibilities! Have hope; things could always be worse. Count your blessings. Develop your Faith. Surrender everything that you cannot change. Replace “have-to’s” with “choose-to”. Remember language is powerful; so choose your words carefully. Let go and let God. Be good to yourself by setting healthy boundaries with others. Learn to say No! Respect your needs and wants; feelings and desires. Chase your dreams. Face your fears. Do it anyway 🙂  Ask for help if needed. Get support. Reciprocate! We all need each other to learn from and grow. Accept the unacceptable. Be grateful in every moment. Show compassion for yourself and others. Be quick to forgive. Speak your mind with authenticity and respect.

Nurture the child within. Play everyday. Swing. Slide. Skip. Run & jump! Explore. Dance to the rhythm of life. Sing like a a rockstar. Write poetry, music, stories, or love-notes. Read inspiring, literature to stretch your mind. Celebrate the little and big things. Live gracefully. Make every day an adventure. Always be curious. Ask lots of questions. Spend time in nature outdoors. Smell flowers. Hug a tree. Plant something. Get your hands dirty in the soil of mother earth. Walk barefoot in the grass. Commune with God regularly. Listen to Divine wisdom. Be silly. Make snow angels. Roll down a hill. Enjoy the seasons. Craft. Spark your creativity. Cook a variety of recipes.  Watch the clouds move along the sky. Daydream; it’s good to use your imagination and fun too!

Trust the process of life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this exact minute; doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. There are no accidents. Your life has meaning. Savor every moment. Don’t resist challenges; instead embrace them, learning as much as you can along the way. Voice your opinions then let them go. Never try to change another person’s mind; it never works and is a futile waist of energy. Commit to yourself, first and foremost, then to others. Stand with integrity. Be honest with yourself in order to be authentic with everyone. Let your light shine. Listen to your gun instincts. Spirit always knows what’s best for you. Trust that all is well. Rejoice! This is your birthright.


Lighting the Way

advent wreath 1       Advent is the preparation for Christmas, practiced by Christians, on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. The advent wreath has five candles (one for each of the Sundays of advent and one for Christmas Eve) each week is symbolic of the time before conception and leading up to the birth of Christ. The candles are lit each Sunday along with specific prayers to remind us of the true meaning of this holiday season. According to the Bible, Advent, lights the way to Salvation.

For those of us who aren’t Christian, but are deeply Spiritual, we can utilize this Holy time of Advent as a way to deepen our connection with the Divine. Upon researching Advent I learned that this first week is about Hope. Why not utilize the spirit of this season to bring ourselves back into alignment with your true Self as a Spiritual being made in the image and likeness of God.

How hopeful are you about the future? This year in particular is fraught with great fear over December 21st predictions of an impending Apocolips. Even I found myself caught up in this hype, I soon came to my senses with prayer and was able to put things in perspective. None of us know the future for certain. Its better that way, because then we don’t waste time in the present worrying about endless possibilities    While its only natural to do this sometimes, we must remember to not stay in this frame of mind for very long, since it can become a dark force in our consciousness bringing immobilizing fear that can become eliminate our hope for a bright future. During advent, this week, focus on the hope available and ever present. There truly is always hope where there is light. Allow the light of God to spark hope in your heart and mind, shifting your perspective in positive directions that are full of promise, opportunity, and abundance. This is your Divine birthright and the real magic of the holidays is reminding you of these facts; ultimately bringing us all closer with our Spiritual Selves.

Each week, we’ll explore another aspect of Advent and identify New Thought correlations for everyday living. In the meantime, I invite you to create an Advent wreath for your family and practice this sacred ritual every Sunday, lighting one candle each week. It’s a great way to celebrate the deeper meaning of the season and grow Spiritually as individuals and as a family. Discuss the significance of each week with each other and pray together in order to become grounded in the true meaning of this sacred and holy season. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy quality time together.

This week’s suggested prayer might go something like this:

God is the light and life force in, as, and throughout the Universe; the source of hope, Truth, Joy and Peace. This light, hope, joy and peace is available to each one of us. This is truth of me, my family, and every human being on the planet. I am open and receptive to greater hope and faith in my life as I radiate the light of God within to everyone in the world. I no longer allow fear to control my life; instead, I invite the strength, guidance, and wisdom of God into every aspect of my life.  I am so thankful and grateful for the manifestation of this prayer, knowing it is already done. I simply release it and let go with perfect faith and trust.                                                                                  And so it is; Amen.

advent wreath banners

  This Sunday, December 9th, 2012 as you light your candle, focus on welcoming Peace into your life.

Spiritual Prepping for Doomsday and Beyond!

Image We’ve all been hearing stories about people “preparing for Doomsday”; especially as we near December 21st, 2012. There is even a reality TV show called “Doomsday Preppers” that feature people all across the country preparing for a host of catastrophic disasters ranging from a nuclear attack, to governmental breakdown due to economic collapse. These people are creating underground bunkers, storing food, water, and medical supplies, as well as stockpiling weapons in order to defend themselves and/or their reserves. While there is nothing wrong with being prepared for an emergency, many people are neglecting “Spiritual Preparedness”.

Spiritual preparedness is about strengthening our relationship with the Divine / God; building up our faith muscles in order to withstand any outside event or challenge and eliminating an “us” versus “them” attitude. This kind of preparation requires a deep, inner-awareness or belief, that God is always available to guide and protect, unify, and create. There is no separation from that which we are created.(in the image and likeness of God) The appearance of “evil” as evidenced by war or terrorism is ultimately the manifestation of a belief in separation from the Divine and each other (the idea that my beliefs or way of life is better than yours) . Understanding our Oneness with God, the planet, the Universe, and thus each other, is an essential part of eliminating fear-of-the-unknown as well as fear of one another. Once this occurs, there is no need for weapons or threat of war because we realize that what I do to you, effects me too; every side is right and forms a circle. Love, acceptance and cooperation are the principles that will lead (and sustain) us to peaceful cohabitation.  

In the Bible, the book of “Revelations” talks about the end of the world. Some people are taking this prophecy literally and preparing as such; others are noticing global changes in weather as well as political and economic unrest as signs that the Apocalypse is coming. What you believe now will determine how you prepare yourself; spiritually, mentally, and physically in the days ahead. 

I believe that a combination of prayer for peace & harmony, faith in the perfect outcome of any situation, a positive attitude, an awareness of our Oneness with God/ the Universe/ other people/ all of Life, and a reserve of basic human necessities (food, water,clothing, camping gear) is all that is needed to prepare me from catastrophe. Having a “bug-out bag” that includes a plan of action, packed in your car and/or at work for emergencies is always a good idea ensuring peace of mind just in case. Something I would also include in my emergency bag (and suggest for anyone) are positive affirmations and spiritual or religious literature to ensure positive/grounded thoughts to combat negative emotions such as fear or panic that are likely to come up in uncertain/threatening situations. Stocking up on emergency food, and water along with prescription and over-the-counter medications at home is also a good idea to ensure adequate preparedness along with a 72hr bug-out-bag . Regardless of your beliefs, mindset, or the news, preparing for emergencies is a responsible activity that can benefit you and your entire family as well as friends, neighbors and the community. It’s the smart thing to do;  even if the end-of-the world never comes. At the end of the day however, I believe it is our Spiritual Beliefs in the God of our understanding that will ultimately guide us through whatever transitions are yet to come.

Will you live in fear or trust in Faith?










Clear your Energy!

                       Today is Worldwide Energetic Cleansing Day!

This means we have an opportunity to participate in something amazing and deeply profound just by reciting a prayer of intention and being still for 3 minutes. I have done it twice already as it’s suggested to practice three times today; morning, early afternoon and evening. Immediately, I felt clearer, lighter, more energetic and focused. Why not engage in something healing for yourself and the planet.

Our energy is vital to the harmony of the planet and of course our own bodies. Practice clearing your energy and collectively around the world, we will begin to re-balance all the fear & negativity with peace, harmony and love. Just like the picture above says, YOU are the universe experiencing itself. We all are; so why not make it a good experience? All it takes is conscious choice and the willingness to participate.

Try it and post your results!



Opening yourself to Peace, Faith, Love & Joy

 Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future, Faith is the courage to dance to it today! ~ Author unknown

Peace is the absence of conflict; total acceptance of what is… complete serenity. Faith is believing in that which is unseen or unknown. Love is the driving force behind life; the spark that ignites passion with purpose, beauty with excitement, and connects people’s hearts forever. Joy is pure happiness; a combination of peace, faith and love that stems from deep within. Joy is the heartbeat of life… the freedom from pain…the essence of who we are as Spiritual Beings. Opening ourselves to this Truth, awakens us to the Divine within that is capable of anything.

Many people today believe they are trapped by circumstance, relationships, education or poverty. The truth is, we are only trapped by our inability to see all the possibilities that exist all around us! YOU have choices!!! You’re only as trapped as you believe you are. Life is always presenting us with new opportunities and room for advancement. Are you taking advantage of them? During the course of a day, we make millions of decisions that effect our lives. Unfortunately, most of these decisions or choices are made unconsciously while we live on auto-pilot. What if you decided to wake up and embrace life from a conscious perspective that is based on peace, faith, love & joy? Can you imagine what that would look like for yourself? How would your life transform if there was no struggle?

This earthly life was never meant to be an uphill battle; we make it one by forgetting our Inner Power! Stop allowing petty differences, doubt or fear cloud your perspective. Embrace the wholeness of who you are meant to be. Divine perfection in human form. Live your dreams. Create from your heart. Enjoy all that life has to offer. Be yourself. These are the ideals to live by. Truth, Faith, Love, & Harmony shall rise above all circumstance or injustice. Honesty, willingness, and courage are the building blocks that lead to a peace-filled, joyous, life. All the material things in the world can’t replace this. No relationship, status, or amount of money can bring you real freedom, peace or joy. Success isn’t determined by accomplishments, the quality of your life is.

Satisfaction comes from joy that is derived in peace. How satisfied are you with your life? If the answer is more things, a certain title or status, a specific relationship, or bank account balance, than you’ve missed the point. What has to happen or exist for you to be truly happy? Notice the chatter and go deeper by continuing to ask the question. Let the answer come from your heart. What is really important? Use this information to lead a joy-filled, peace-full, loving life. Have faith and stay open.


Awakening to our Global Oneness

Today is Global Oneness Day!
 This was created by Humanities Team.org in 2010. It was “created to celebrate your oneness with all of Humanity, with all of life and with the creative force that animates you“.

“By celebrating your oneness on one day, our hope is that you will embrace and celebrate your oneness EVERYDAY – and spread a wave of oneness around the world!” ~ Global Oneness Summit ~

Today is dedicated to recognizing our Oneness with each-other, the planet, and all of life. World Spiritual leaders, authors, scientists, artists, and activists are speaking today about Oneness and how we are all interrelated.

It has been said that we’re entering the “Renaissance of the Human Spirit”  and at the crossroads of fundamental change in the way we view life, interact with each other, treat the planet, conduct business, learn, and evolve.

More and more, Science is proving that Spiritual Practices such as meditation actually improves individual and environmental consciousness. The study of Metaphysics and Spirituality is beginning to merge and support one another; raising the awareness levels of everyone on the planet. This is bringing about greater planetary harmony and understanding that we are all truly One.

So what does all this mean to you and me?  Today is not about changing the world; its about “embracing your true nature” which will “create positive changes in YOUR life!”  http://globalonenesssummit.com/feature/Steve-Farrell

For more information, check out these links below:




It’s not too late to hear all of these great speakers too. They have recorded the entire event and you can buy all these recordings for one low fee. http://globalonenesssummit.com/upgrade

Check it out and learn tools and techniques for cultivating oneness in your life.

Listen and enjoy!

Lighten up!


Lately I’ve noticed that people are too wound up; uptight and riddled with fear. I’ve felt it within myself at times too. There is a heaviness in the air and many people look as though they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. What would it take for all of us to bee happy and lighten up?

This morning I was reminded of the importance of not taking anything personally. After being chewed out on the phone by my landlord, I realized that times are tough for everyone and lashing out has become the new norm. Lots of Americans and people around the world are struggling as a result of economic pressures. Tempers are flaring, irritation is high and there’s a lot of political unrest as the U.S. elections get closer. With all this uncertainty, emotions are running high and this is causing people to overreact more than usual. I believe now is the time to practice patience and lighten up!

So how do we do it despite all the doom and gloom in the world? Easy; we start smiling and laughing again. This allows other’s harsh words and emotions to gently roll off our backs. We start accepting each other exactly where we’re at and offer love instead of resistance. We start finding humor amidst frustration and tolerance amidst pain. We look at what’s good; at what’s working, thereby turning away from all reports to the contrary. First and foremost, we stop taking things personally as Don Miguel Ruiz suggests in his book The Four Agreements. When we do these things, our energy shifts and this in turn shifts the energy of everyone around us for the better. Suddenly things don’t appear so dyer and we can actually begin to laugh instead of scream.

Laughter releases tension and is contagious. However we all have different views on what’s funny. Laughing at someone’s viewpoint or feelings won’t ease a tenuous situation anymore than picking an argument. Instead, do this in your own mind. Lighten yourself up first and then help others see the humor in the situation. Be present with them. Realize that it’s not about you; the person is just having an emotional outburst. Let them. Hold the space for their feelings and then let it (whatever they’ve said) go, without absorbing their negativity (fear) or attaching meaning to their words. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU!!! I repeat this idea,because I struggle with it too. No one likes being yelled at, chewed out, criticized, or cut-off while driving; however someone needs to be the bigger person. Someone has to lighten up and give others permission to do the same. Someone has to break up the tension. If we alternate doing this for each other, collectively, we’ll all be happier and more at ease.

Truth is, most things are not the end of the world. Losing your job sucks, but it’s not as bad as losing a loved one or losing your life! We are more than our jobs. The bills will always be there. Somehow though, the most important ones always get paid. Abundance and financial prosperity is always available to those willing/open enough to receive it. Yet, we tend to panic when the rug is pulled out from underneath. Instead, have faith that something wonderful is about to happen. Be open to new possibilities and new doors will open. Ask for help and get plenty of good support from people who can uplift and inspire you. Lightening up in this way will reduce emotional outbursts and what I call “fear attacks”. Strengthening your funny bone will increase your patience, eliminate lashing out at total strangers, those you do business with, and your loved ones. This benefits everyone around you, the community and the world!

To summarize:

-Stop feeding stress and start finding humor in order to accept the unacceptable.

-Become part of the solution instead of the problem.

-Lighten up to lift up.

Check out this website to evaluate your humor preferences and start laughing today! http://eigentaste.berkeley.edu/user/jokes.php

Here is a few others humor websites that will help you lighten up immediately. http://www.jokes.com/



Here are some websites that are all about happiness, lightening up and more about the 4 Agreements:





And if you are particularly struggling, seek professional help from a coach, counselor, or clergy. There is no shame in needing someone to listen and help sort out life’s challenges with you in order to find solutions. We all need help from time to time.

Contact me for more information or individual support: CoachLisa@Consultant.com ~                          I am a licensed Life Coach and Minister uniquely trained to assist you in improving the quality of your life. You needn’t struggle alone.




Harvesting Success


  Fall is a time of celebrating the harvest of our crops. It is a time for enjoying the fruits of our labor. Fall is a time of transition and change from the warmth of summer to the cold chills of winter. We harvest whatever we’ve planted earlier in the year and this nourishment is meant to sustains us during the cold, dark, days ahead. But what if the seeds we have planted were riddled with negativity, fear, and decay? Then our harvest would be compromised and therefore unsuccessful.

Success is determined by the seeds or actions that are taken. More importantly, success is determined by the quality of the seeds themselves. Additionally, the seeds must be planted in fertile soil, watered daily and tended to regularly. Without this tender loving care, the seeds have no hope of surviving; turning into that which they were meant to be. Weeds, insects,  or the environment would simply eat away at them until they withered and died.

Our dreams (and goals) are like those seeds. They require daily watering and regular tending in order to grow and thrive. Our dreams need nurturing and support; love and continual positive energy so they can take root and ripen until harvest. What does your harvest look like? Your life, today, is the result of the seeds (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, actions, habits) that were planted days, months and even years ago. Are you enjoying the harvest of your dreams? If not, it’s not too late to plant new seeds for success and inner peace.

Use this time of year to sift through your own harvest and identify the seeds you’d like to plant for success. Whatever you desire is possible; abundance exists right now and all around you. The Universe is ready and available to give you whatever you want or need. All that is required is an open and receiving heart. There are Universal Laws that apply to every individual on this planet. They extend beyond government. The Law of Receptivity is one of them. This is one of the keys to harvesting success.

The seeds of gratitude are essential to an abundant harvest. Giving thanks for the good that is here right now, is paramount to tilling the soil of our minds. Gratitude paves the way for receiving by opening a pathway in the mind and heart so that greater good can flow in. When we don’t recognize the blessings in our lives now, we eliminate our ability to see the joy, hope, and success that is right in front of us. Without this key ingredient, our receptivity is diminished and therefore our harvest appears insufficient or dead.

In order for you to enjoy the bounty of your harvest, give thanks for everything and everyone in your life. Recognize the beauty, joy and love that exists all around you now. Be grateful for what you have instead of what’s missing. Focus on the positive and more positive will arrive. If you are struggling in your relationships or finances, focus on the positive within them. There is always something good in every person, situation, or circumstance. Look for this good and watch how your perspective shifts. What was anger or frustration turns into love and acceptance. Fears of lack and limitation dissolve into peace and faith. Soon you’ll begin to notice that the harvest of your life is more bountiful than you ever previously thought.